Don’t Play with Chickens in Baghdad

According to Breitbart

Iraqi and U.N. health officials said Monday a 15-year-old girl who died this month was a victim of the deadly H5N1 strain of the bird flu virus, the first confirmed case of the disease in the Middle East. Tests were under way to determine if the girl’s uncle, who lived in the same house, also died of the virus. He died 10 days later after suffering the same symptoms, officials said.Iraqi health authorities began killing domestic birds in northern Iraq, which borders Turkey, where at least 21 cases of the deadly virus have been detected. Turkey and Iraq also lie on a migratory path for numerous species of birds.”We regretfully announce that the first case of bird flu has appeared in Iraq,” Iraqi Health Minister Abdel Mutalib Mohammed told reporters in the Kurdistan city of Sulaimaniyah, 160 miles northeast of Baghdad. 

Mohammed made the announcement after receiving results from a laboratory in Egypt that conducted tests on the girl, who died Jan. 17.


Much like a Fark contest, I want someone to tell me how to blame this on George W. Bush; not any further spread of the disease, as that is too easy the prospect of a bird flu outbreak in Iraq is especially alarming because the country is gripped by armed insurgency, but rather the initial infection and death of this girl and maybe the uncle.  Jake, I’m counting on you to come up with something good! 


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  1. Since W invaded (illegally and without the consent of the UN) the Iragi people have stumbled into a so-called “free market” where there are no controls over the types of farming and agriculture needed. Saddam would have had strict controls and standards in place to make sure a bird flu would never have been brought about, naturally or purposefully. W’s not caring about the natives at all lead to this girl’s death. It’s only so he can feed money into his pharmaceutical buddies’ pockets.

    Does halburton make drugs?

    On a serious note, you all know I see tons of anti-bush bumper stickers everyday on the 128 warfield. I did see one today that amused me greatly, it was simply this:

    < / W > (spaces removed, it won’t show up even using & lt ; …)

  2. Ohhhh – that is good, very good. The epitomy of elitism and liberalism in 4 tiny characters. Now if I could just find a way to Google that one and buy it, I could slap it on my Prius, drive to a red state, and… anyone taking bets on how long before the tires get slashed? 🙂

    P.S. – Don’t play with chickens even if you aren’t in Baghdad, especially if they’re dead.

  3. Barking up the wrong tree with me, Da Kine.

  4. C’mon. Anyone who calls him “Shrub” can be assumed to have a nearly-irrational hatred of him.

  5. I tend to call him Dubya much more frequently than Shrub.
    And while I admit to having some semi-irrational hatred of the PotUS (that f*cking smirk, man!), the idea of playing on that “hatred” plus the death of a child — caused by a disease that could well be a worldwide threat, no less — is a little too grotesque for me, thanks.

  6. I would not call it a semi-irrational hatred. Jake’s always presented a reaned argument, never a bullshit diatribe like my comment above. Besides, think about how much you loved Clinton.

    P.S. – Don’t play with chickens even if you aren’t in Baghdad, especially if they’re dead.

    jenn, does that include choking the chicken?

  7. You know what, you can do whatever you want with your own chiken, just don’t tell me about it. 😛

  8. AUGH *my eyes!*

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