Did you watch it? First thoughts?

I am friggin loving the 4 hour/two night season premiere. Kin-Girl was pissed she had to wait 22 hours for the next segment.

WARNING – If you have not seen it, spoilers in comments. I was purposefully vague in the post

~ by kinshay on 2006-01-16.

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  1. I’m not talking about it at BS because H hasn’t seen the first bit yet, but I don’t think she comes ’round these parts very often…

    1) As much as I think David Palmer was one of the best characters on the show, I dig the whole “kill everyone” aproach to shaking shit up.
    2) God I hate Chloe! She’s waaaay more trouble than she’s worth.
    3) Jack is such a softy. As soon as he got the call from Chloe, he should have known his new life was over, which means he should have just knocked out that jackass kid instead of dragging him into the helo to take him (and by proxy, his mommy) along for the ride to LA.
    4) The “crazy” (or not!) First Lady is fun. Makes me cringe less when they pop over to President Douchebag.

  2. I actually checked BS before posting this, I was wondering why you hadn’t posted yet Jake.

    I too was proud of the Joss Whedon style start, though I totaly dig on Chloe. She is an uber-geek through and through, and they never break character with it. Jack’s dropping it all to save her shows his loyalty, and he wanted blood for Palmer, Chloe was his only access point.

    I too wish he dumped the kid, though his mom is wicked hot. You may remember her from Spin City, or the Bruthas McMullen. Anyway it was worth him going in the chopper just so later Jack could use the line:

    “The only reason your conscious right now is I don’t feel like carrying you.”

    Remind yourself of that line everytime his pussyboy whiny mug gets shown being a bitch the next few hours.

  3. Line of the show was from Chloe: “Its okay. He’s really good at this”

  4. Courtney had the best line of the night: “That kid is the new Kim.” To which I responded, “Jack should tell him that he’ll make sure no cougars, inbred hillbillies, or 4 sets of kidnappers will get to him.”

  5. then he winds up hooking up with Edgar…

  6. G-dDamn Mother fucking bitch ass punk monkeys!!!!

    Fucking Tivo decided not to record 24 tonight instead going with the higher priority little house on the fucking prarie I record for Bri. WHY the FUcCK didn’t it say the normal record all episodes >> higher priority last night when I set the season pass???

    I hope Michael Landon dies from fucking cancer!

    And I will not be reading this site or my personal email, nor my rss reader unti I can download it and watch it from a torrent site. Mother fucker.

    Da Kine’s in charge.

  7. That’s why you do a nightly viewing of the ‘to do’ list you ignorant ape.

  8. 24 isn’t you’re tippy-top season pass?

  9. You’re == your, obviously.

    In the spirit or torturing Shay (in other words, don’t read beyond this point):

    Tonight’s ep kicked almighty arse.
    Pres. Douchebag still needs to… ahem… expire.
    Sean Astin is even more agravating than Chloe! I like Chloe if she’s snapping at McGill.

  10. I have no idea what’s going on here.

    (Aside from Kiefer making a pile of money for doing ads in Japan, Lost in Translation style.)

  11. Whoa – I always thought this was the one bad thing about Myth TV vs. Tivo. Thought we were the only ones having to occasionally dip into the torrents. But hey if the Tivo flakes out the same way then that makes the (fee-free) Myth Box even better. Yay Linux! Boo Broadcast Flag!

  12. No, Jenn, I’m gonna have to call this one user error.
    If Shay had Little House on the effing Prairie set to a higher priority than 24, well, he was just asking for this to happen.

  13. undoubtedly, charles in charge would have taken priority as well.

  14. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little Chachi in Charge now and again.

  15. yeah, but a 24 hours CiC marathon ? gives me the douche chills just thinking about it.

  16. I love me some Charles In Charge. Nicole Eggert, PURRRRR.

    Maybe they should do a 24 episode where Jack has to hide out in the Powell house and in order to save the eastern seaboard he has to kill Willie Ames neck. Of course, Eggert would be in a skimpy nightgown and Granpda Powell (being the Navy Veteran) would fend off terrorists as Jack made his escape through the family’s heating ducts.

    I should be a writer in Hollywood.

  17. jack could never kill willie aames, he’s bibleman.

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