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the baseball writers of america suffer from chronic cranio-rectal insertion. RIP, jim ed’s HoF hopes. they should start removing players from the hall. i mean, if it’s the hall of pretty good to excellent. then rice should be there, joining cepeda, murray, morgan, perez, puckett, drysdale, and sutton. insert bi-labial fricative —–> here.

while i mourn for the passing of the firefly/serenity franchise, i wonder, is there hope ?

here is a video.google beta of college girls making out.

i’m looking for an illustrator to help design my cubicle ninja(tm) and cubicle samurai(tm) t-shirts. darren goldman where are you ?

i’m coming around on some of the tracks on “the new danger” by mos def. “ghetto rock”, “zimzallabim” and “sex, love and money” are up and commers. “close edge”, an instant classic.

i’m a get me one a these. i loves me some hot water and strong pressure. hat tip, radley balko. get one before the gubmint gets you. i can’t wait until we have the FBWP&TTC swat teams. (federal bureau of water pressure and toilet tank capacity).

~ by kinshay on 2006-01-10.

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  1. http://www.darrengoldman.com/

  2. I’m so pissed about Jimmy not getting in that I want to yell at some hack spohswriter who didn’t vote for him. Get me an e-mail address and I’ll make it happen.

    Good call on the Mos Def music. Some genius who recognizes talent must have pointed you in the direction of that album without receiving any props.

  3. […] damn i got cute kids. that’s right. lil’ cracker baby is singing “black jack johnson”. see heah. […]

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