Two Thoughts on the Miners’ Tragedy

I have two thoughts on the recent miners’ tragedy.

I am suprised, that Casey has not written anything about it yet, as she has somewhat of a history on this subject. I really can not write anything meaningful, and hers is an opinion I would want to see the most, if she chooses to write of it.

The second seems glib, or at least making political hay out of a tragedy, but it needs to be noted. I am appalled at the way main stream media, newspapers and cable news, are backpedaling. They reported 12 miners survived, only to find out a few hours later that it was indeed 12 dead.

They operated on faulty intellegence. Sound familiar? Not that the administration should be let of lightly for the WMD mess, but given the venom by which the MSM attacked the admin, should they not be issuing the most giant mea culpa, this is unacceptable, we apologise to the familes, etc ever?

~ by kinshay on 2006-01-08.

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  1. RE: the second point — Wasn’t the governor running around dancing and yelling “They’re alive!!” before the “MSM” (btw, you lose respect points ever time you use that acronym without irony) got their talons on the story?
    There was a *major* communication breakdown between the guys doing the digging and the people waiting to hear some news. End of story, as far as I know.

  2. shay, give me a fucking break. stop reaching.

  3. Yes, joe I am really reaching. One was given faulty intelligence by government sources. Sources whose job it was to know more than they, and have distinct and clear knowledge of the events they are speaking of, and pass that knowledge on to others.

    And the other?

    Yeah, no correlation there. Other than getting burned in the exact same fucking manner but judging yourself differently.

    Of course, the papers single sourced it and fed off of each other. I am sure the administration took the word of just one guy.

  4. dude. give it a rest.

  5. compelling.

    I will have to think about that argument for a while and see if it helps reform my opinion.

  6. after you think about it, can we hang out again? seriously, i don’t want to wait another 6 months before we have a face to face conversation. let me know when you can.

  7. Take the boy out for some wings already!

  8. jake. steak and bacon and bleu cheese sandwiches are the new buffalo wings. oh wait, no. it’s the new slow cooked suicide.

  9. steak and bacon and bleu cheese

    Oh yeah, that’s some tasty vittles. I’m on call this week upcoming, how’s about the week after that?

  10. somebody say wings ? i can eat wings. crispy fried lil’ wings, with tangy sauce and hot waitresses.

  11. week after next is fine and i think that was kinya’s cry for help, so he’s in too.

  12. You really think he is man enough for that samitch?

  13. Update – we are meeting tonight at Wendell’s in Norton around 8:30 for some hot ass wings.

  14. I might be needin’ a frosty mudslide to fight off the immediate effects. Reviews to follow the first movements following consumption.

  15. Follow-up: I am looking forward to tomorrow’s Ring of Fire. Them wings was smoking! I’m sure JDY will have his frosty mudslide then as well, as he did not have one tonight.

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