Edo is Home Safe, Brains were Hung

Edo and Brianna

As Kin-Yah mentioned earlier, Edo did come home for a visit. That’s why the Miracleed tab has been removed, only brothers serving overseas get their own tab. And I will now confirm that Sean actually did cry like a pussy er baby.

It was most humorous, Colleen was telling the story of how her friends had asked if “Santa” (last year played by Edo) had come to visit this year. Colleen had said no, Santa was (not allowed to say, essentially overseas). I then stated yeah, but you know, Santa does have the magical ability of getting around the world in the blink of an eye. With impeccable timing, Edo pulls in the driveway at that moment. Colleen, having no idea what the fuck I am talking about, starts wondering why I had developed a tourettes type tick nudging my head towards the door.

There was an issue when Edo almost performed a leg sweep on Kin Yah when he would not stop the hugging, but it all went well in the end.

Xmas was wonderful, and Edo and JoeDaYuz came over that night for a glorious Xmas Rib Feast. We also had a wee going back to Dixie dinner the night before Edo left, these are where the pictures are from.

We are all proud of Edo for his service, dedication, coming home safe, and his giant balls. Literally.

~ by kinshay on 2006-01-08.

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