super-fantastic things

stridency. heck you don’t hear that a lot.

my christmas morning was truly made when ed showed up for breakfast. that’s right, from somewhere dusty to beautiful somerset in mere days. i cried like a baby, a hungry angry baby. and then we ate a lot of bacon, eggs, breads, sausage, etc. it was great to see him (and in one piece, i might add). and for the ladies… ed looked very hunky.

new years weekend was exhausting. tim and i backfilled around the foundation that we excavated months ago, installed the stone in the basement and dug two trenches, one 120 feet and another 160 feet. when digging the water line trench, i had to pull out a boulder the size of a yugo. wasn’t too sure how that was gonna work. turned out okay.

additionally, on new year’s eve i put in a grueling shift at the pub working the door for a private party. very difficult. $60 for open bar (7pm – 2am) and unreal eats, beef tenderloin, chicken cordon bleu, baked stuffed shrimp, littlenecks, etc. the only real problems were the six or so gate crashers. no fisticuffs, but very close to raising my voice.

somehow i only gained four pounds over the holidays. i think it’s because i didn’t drink enough. oh well, there’s always next year.

~ by kinshay on 2006-01-05.

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