inspired by the “like in vegas” post

i just wanted to reiterate my stand on government and politics, having grown across the whole spectrum to wind up where i am now. warning this post contains the c-word.

i want all of the political and gov’t folk to leave me the f’ alone.

i’ll raise my kids the way my wife and i decide to raise ’em. i’ll own and shoot my guns. i’ll drink, smoke, eat, and screw the way i like to drink, eat, smoke, and screw, or i’ll choose to do none of it.

leave my churching, speech and private property alone and i’ll let yours alone.

if i want to take care of the poor, i’ll do it. if you want to take care of the poor, you do it, with your money. stop grabbing my wallet, making it harder to take care of my own.

and if ricky gervais is on the telly with monkey news or is calling a coupla marxist students in berets “cunts”, i’ll flick off the tv if it’s not appropriate for my kids. ‘cuz i’m the dad, and that’s my most important job.

glad i got in the gratuitous ricky gervais reference.

~ by kinshay on 2006-01-05.

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  1. Ricky links are kerbust. (href, not xhref?)

  2. Please note I havce not edited out the “c” word, as is my normal perogative. Firstly since it is being conveyed in the english style, not nearly as harsh. Secondly when you said “c” word, I thought honestly you were going to whip out that nasty, ugly c-word: Constitution.

    I mean, it’s not like you said OIrish or something…

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