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Kin Yah pointed out the link list is gone, the code looks good so I am not sure why, maybe RC3

~ by kinshay on 2005-12-22.

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  1. Very strange – my rss feed has the text for the body of this post, but it isn’t on your site anywhere I can see.

  2. Um. Yeah. Sure hope WP2.0 goes gold soon…

  3. Jenn, this one is an aside, underneath the recent comments on the right column. I moved some stuff around, and now Meta shows up, but not the link list. Given I had to hack away at sidebar.php to get the recent comments the way we like, I’m not sure if K2 is broke, RC3 is broke, or if I broke it. When I have time I’ll compare the realease to my own page, see if I wiped something out.

    It may not be ready for primetime Jake, but the backend is much sweeter. Register a log in and I’ll kick you back up to author (new types, no more 1 – 10) and you chech out the goodness I see…

  4. Well, still, if there is a link to “Link List” where people can leave comments you should at least be able to see the text of what you are commenting on at the top of the page. Not complainin’ just pointing out that it’s bad UI design.

  5. Test again

  6. Asides will now be inline

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