Work Write Up

You notice I never talk specifics about my work. Y’all know I am a geek, but I never stated what my company really does. You know I have been going full bore the past month plus, but why?

The Globe did a nice write up on my company, thought I might share it with you. Hell, if it’s in the paper, I’m not divulging any trade secrets right?

Health insurance firms, customers connect – The Boston Globe
BURLINGTON — It would be nearly impossible for health insurance companies to call all of their 250 million customers.

But Burlington-based Silverlink Communications Inc. provides a way to call thousands of people quickly and cheaply, while still allowing more than just a standard, static message.

They do appreciate all the hard work we do, and it is nice when a startup starts doing well. Last week the company founders Stan and Paulo took the Operations Department out for dinner to Grill 23. The whole evening was amazing. Almost everyone got lit up, but to the same level, so no one looked like an ass. But Shay, if you were lit up, how did you drive home from Boston? you ask. Why I did not need to drive, as the company sent a limo to pick up Ghost dog, myself and our hot ladies. (I somehow wound up with Ghost Dog’s wife’s pantyhose in my pocket.)

Things should be pretty quiet the next week and a half or so, then back to dropping the hammer for another month.

~ by kinshay on 2005-12-21.

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