Whatcha Up to Guns?

Sick. I am sick.

After my drunken post the other night, I had a rough time sleeping. I thought it was a dehydrated thing but my throat was killing me. I went in to work, but noticed in the rearview that my uvala (the punching bag hanging in the back of yer troat) was huge. Big enough that if I exhaled hard it laid down on my tongue. That was so fucking gross feeling. Ghost dog took a look at me and sent me home.

I went and saw Bob, the worlds best PA. He gave me steriods to shrink the swelling and antibiotics. Given how big punchy was, and when I said ahhhhhhhhh my tonsils shot out right next to it, giving me a tiny lil airway. I had to have an Xray to make sure there was no other infection or anything that would kill me in the night.

The Xray was fun, as the tech tried wrapping lead around my crotch. She couldn’t quite get it, so I told her I had a vasecotomy, problem solved. Nice to know she cared about the boyos.
The drugs kicked in and the swelling went way down right away, but apparently that was just the softening up artillary barrage before the sinus/chest invasion. I feel like such shit, coughin sneezing hurting. I went back to Bob today (we made the appointment on Moday, he really was concerned) and he gave me more drugs. I can’t wait to try the cough medicine “garaunteed to knock you the fuck out.”

Needless to say, this isn’t some pussy cold, this is a good viral infection. I go back to work tomorrow though, I am not contagious anymore. Just as well, the TiVo is getting pretty lean.


Side note – Matt sent this updated pic I never put on, so I thought I try the new upload in the post create page. It is badass! No more trying to open two/three windows, uploading files then trying to remember the path to them. Upload here, click send to editor, it’s all good.

 (Guns – fixed to full size pic)

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