Testing WP 2.0 rc

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~ by kinshay on 2005-12-21.

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  1. The AJAXy commenting shizzle is wicked kerbust — I see other people comments from other posts when I submit.
    Likely, the K2 isn’t quite up to WP2.0 snuff.

  2. For Example, when I submitted that comment I got this displayed:

    Jenn on May 18th, 2004 at 9:03 pm edit

    I sent you an email about that a while ago, at least now my fragile ego can recover from not receiving a response. 😛

    So now the atom feed works, but it looks just like the regular feed – just the main posts, no comments (which are often the best part).


  3. HEY!!! 😛

  4. Hey that was pretty funny, I got:

    “No can do Jake – Ed does not do reach-arounds”

  5. Test comment

  6. hmm comment count not showing up on the new theme either. Not everything is caught up to release 2 yet…

    Preferences on theme? This or K2? Funkiness from both….

  7. Hmmm… This theme ain’t right either. Maybe it’s the 2.0rc.

  8. Or, yeah… What you said. 😉

  9. Busted in the default came with wp 2.0 base template as well, so it must not be a theme not up to date with new code base but code base issue.that being the case, and since I am really not going to downgrade, what’s the preference? I dug the automaticmidnight theme, but this K2 does lead to some humourous random quotes.

  10. The random quotes are fun, but right now comments from all but the post author are so dark grey that I can only read the page if I highlight all the text with my mouse. The #444444 just ain’t cutting it.

  11. I dig random quotes.

  12. true dat Jenn, when I upgraded K2 to rev125 I forgot to carry over my css change. Finding the right variable on the CSS is a pain in the ass given it is one line with \M’s on it on *nix and windows.

    Will update soon.

  13. Text colors should be set, and author comments I changed to a nice dark gray instead of the bright white.

    I am digging the random quote thing enough that I think we should look for a rnadom quote plugin. We write some funny shit, it is funnier out of context.

  14. Example:

    Kin-Shay on Aug 16th, 2003 at 12:33 am edit

    Luckily, Bones is strong and mean enough to kick any gators ass….

    Another oddity, if you post a comment, you have to refresh before you can post another.

  15. Oh and if you were wondering why I jumped the gun to 2.0 RC3, the spam trackbacks and comments were getting way to bad, and spam karma no longer seemed to work. however, rc3 comes with/or you can install, spam karma 2! It fucking rocks. In one day it caught 37 spam attempts, half of which would have gone through before.

  16. Testing a Spam Karma plugin plugin to help comment counts

  17. Next time, read the readme fully schmuck

  18. OK, Splam Karma was the comment culprit, the above linked plugin fixed it. Only when someone posts a new comment will it fix any posts with comments but still showing up as “0”. Luckily it has not fixed the AJAX showing of a random comment when you hit submit, which I am falling in love with. For example, when I posted the above comment, it came up with Jake: Good luck with that fella. That’s fucking rich.

  19. Dude!! Merry Christmas to you and Kin-Girl, and to everyone reading the best damn drunken blogging site on the ‘nets! 🙂

  20. Thank you kindly Jenn, have a great hanukah! I love the timing this year.

  21. Indeed — Happy Holidays to all the gang!

    [Note that I am being inclusive, not anti-Christ 😉 ]

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