no posts for ten days… damn

apparently New Zeland is either racist, or their chicks aren’t as capable as ours.

the fcc confuses me. why is it that when system of a down‘s “violent pornography” is played on the radio, the word fuck and suck are bleeped out, but the lyrics”choking chicks and sodomy” are left alone. personally, i don’t think you should have to bleep on the radio, but if you’re going to, where are the fcc’s priorities ?

two years after it’s release, i finally saw the final ST:TNG movie “nemisis”.it was a nice visit from old friends and was the best of the nextgen movies. however, marina sirtis was horrible and there was not enough worf. tons of data and you find out why at the end.

aliens have given the use of their most famous device to the government of nepal. good luck, son

well, it saddens me to know that there will be no more serenity. saw all of the shows twice, watched the movie (and colleen will buy the dvd for christmas non-offensive holiday word here). also, there is a visual companion guide that looks pretty cool. it includes the script. fox fucked up… BIG.

~ by kinshay on 2005-11-29.

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  1. I’ll bet writing the title for that story on the NZ badminton team made Lester Haines’ year. Nothing like a little job stasfaction going into the holidays.

  2. What’s wrong with choking chicks and sodomy, you fucking bigot? You are SO intolerant of the BDSM community that I could whip you with a cat-o-nine-tails then pour strawberry/jalapeno oil on you: two things I happen to have in my closet.

  3. Re: System of a Down’s “Violent Pornography”: I’d say that most of the edited stuff out there is this way. The problem is that to edit the tracks for total broadcast palatability for everyone would cause the editor to totally skip tracks. I’m surprised that the “edited” track made it to air at all. Look at Stern. The last time I saw you and Shay, you guys were talking about how unfunny Stern is now and (Shay mentioned) how funny Opie & Anthony are. Well, after listening to some chopped up Stern Best of bits from the last 10 years – the time during which I listened – I’m realizing to what extent the government is coming down on broadcast radio. It’s the Book of Laughter and Forgetting and they left the hat in. And I like poop talk on the radio.

  4. Where the holy hell is everyone? I really expected a better turn out from this crew on my St. Andrews Day / BU Pub post

    Props to kinyahbrutha for making the effort, though.

  5. And lest I end up with my foot in my mouth: Hope all is well in Corcoranland.

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