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When I saw this from Andy Rooney:

Q: Over the years you have painted yourself as not quite a big fan of computers. How do you feel about the CBS Public Eye blog and its policy of transparency? Is that a good use of technology?

A: I have never read the CBS Public Eye blog so I have no opinion. I’m trying to find out what blog means. It seems vastly over-rated as a communications tool.

… I was going to go on about when da kine almost got hisself kilt. Within 24 hours we had effectively informed family and friends throughout the country and overseas. I reached more people with one post than a day of dialing the phone. Instead of having to call, ask what’s the latest, everyone logged on and saw right away what the deal was. Da kine’s fellow warriors still in the middle-east could follow his progress. I call that an extremely effective communications tool.

But then I read below and thought, hey that’s an even better example of it’s effectiveness as a tool of this kind. It’s world stage, timely and easy to understand.


French authorities said Tuesday that they are investigating two teenage boys who used their Web logs to urge others to join the unrest that is plaguing the European country. A 16 year-old from France and an 18-year-old national of Ghana have been placed under “judicial investigation,” but have not been formally charged. A 14-year-old was also investigated and released without charges.

Sure, we hate the bastards, hate the rioting, but it is effective. (I am tempted now to go on a tangent paralleling blog control and gun control, but I shant, I wonder if Jake is happy or sad at the notion?) So I was was going to go on about blah blah blah. You know by now.

But then I got a thinking, what is Andy’s perspective on this thing? He was not judging all blogs, just the usefulness of a CBS blog. I imagine from his point of view, from a news organization a blog is not an effective tool. His judgement should be of presenting facts to mass audience. What he doesn’t understand is that blogs are the Andy Rooney of the internet.

They are not the front page, the main story, or even the sports section, which make up the bulk of the paper/news broadcast. They are the editorial and opinion pages. If your blog is about cheese, it’s you talking about which cheese you like, and why you didn’t like the other one. If it’s about the Nats, it’s why they did well, what they did wrong, or you write about how much you want to blow Frank Robinson. No one goes to find out what the score was, they go to read how you the writer felt about it. And here’s the kicker, they get to talk back. If you get a fact wrong, not only will you get called out on it, you can correct it immediately.

As for CBS blog, foxnews blogs, etc, they don’t feel legit to me. I think it’s more of a marketing, “Blogs are hip we need to have one” thing. No one goes to them for the news, they are not effective in that way for those companies. But then again, I don’t read them, cause I don’t have to.

Blogs are the Andy Rooney of the news world, after the main stories presented, someone is there to offer an opinion.

~ by kinshay on 2005-11-09.

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  1. Preach on.

    One kilt related item: Jake informed me he will be rocking a kilt on my wedding day (being as I’m marrying a pure-bred Scottish girl there is reason enough). Methinks the Brothers Corcoran should stay on his ass until he purchases said kilt (perhaps in his comments section over at the Blah? The internet is magical).

  2. Different “kilt”, yo. 😉

  3. Don’t disrespect Frank, yo. Courtney will call a jihad on you, Durkha Durkha.

  4. Lil secret Broz, I am for sure wearing a kilt on my wedding day. I will most likely rent on (Black watch) unless I drop to goal weight, in which case my bride will let me buy one. Have you priced them though? Frickin expensive.

  5. Yeah, they ain’t a dime a dozen.

  6. Baseball’s Frank Robinson? From the 70’s? Why’d you want to shoot him?

  7. I know the kilts are damned expensive, boys. Maybe Jake should forgo the bottles of absinthe for awhile or think about the Utilikilt? I hope you drop your to your goal Kin-Shay, because a wedding isn’t a wedding without the man-skirt.

    First thing Jen’s 98 year-old grandpa said to me when I met him a few years ago: “Brozovich, eh? That’s not Scottish.”

  8. re: black watch. is there an issue with wearing a non-irish or american military ensemble ? also, unlike scots, traditional irish tartan relates to region or county rather than family. there are only a few families in eire that have their own tartan. frankly, i’m not thrilled with either the co. cork or irish national tartan. i may go with a solid.

    ps: frank robinson would beat andy rooney like a rented red-headed mule’s stepchild and i would pay kilt money to see it.

  9. With rentals, they generally only offer 3 or 4 clan/county neutral tartans. Of the 6 or so rental sites I saw, black watch was the one I liked the most, and offered by them all.

    I agree on the cork/irish american tartans. Not my primary choice. Black watch grows on you.

    As for the utilikilt, yes it is much cheaper, but so is wearing ripped 501’s with a suit coat. If your gonna go, you dress up. Not just wear a dress…

  10. what’s brozovich, irish ? welsh ? cornish ? mannish ? galician ? certainly not a brit, you’re wife ain’t some kind of race traitor, is she ?

  11. For those fo you not following the last couple of comments, see here or here.

  12. it’s funny that most of the comments are completely OT. personally, i think it makes for a better conversation.

    also, since we haven’t had many penis references lately, just keep in mind that there will be a free flow of air ’round my nethers when shay get’s hitched at the lighthouse. lighthouse not being a phallic reference, of course. this one’s for Jenn !!

  13. And now… Your moment of zen. (pretty work safe, imo)

  14. Oh, thanks A LOT kinyahbrutha for that visual and olfactory imagery. Here’s hoping it’s not a minikilt.

    P.S. – To say blogs are the Andy Rooney of the newsworld is an insult to blogs. Andy Rooney is the quintessential curmudgeon.

  15. Brozovich is a filthy Czech/Croat name (being as the borders in Eastern Europe are as stable as my ex-girlfriend (i.e. not very) the family lineage is traced back to both countries). So yes, the future wife is a race traitor; she’s tainting her bloodline with a nomadic barbarian south of the Channel who still bangs rocks together to get fire instead of a civilized chap who hails from somewhere in the British Isles.

    Good point about the Utilikilt. It would be like wearing sweatpants to a dinner party. You better not wear that shit to the ceremony, Jake. I want you dropping at least five large on your man-skirt. Wear the Utilikilt to bachelor party. It’s bound to come in handy at the strip club/firing range.

  16. I am SO wearing a utilikilt to the bach party firing range!

  17. Rest easy, Kin-folk, for I will be sure to get an image of Jake in said Utilikilt firing a fuully automated weapon (fingers crossed) on that magical day.

  18. I think the black Workman, should be appropriate.

  19. Agreed. You can keep ammo, one dollar bills and cigars in the pockets and a claw hammer in the loop. Just in case some motherfucker gets out of line.

  20. Or I decide to off myself.

    (Kin-Folk: This is an inside joke amongst my workmates — How would you commit suicide with only a claw hammer?)

  21. damn broz, we love the croats. our own bill belichick is a g-damn croat and we worship the ground he walks on. AND the czech republic had the hottest chicks (as a collection) that i’ve ever seen.

    i hope jake’s strip club is as good as the one i hit in prague. hoofah!!

  22. ‘course i never had the opportunity to fire guns in the czech. damn.

  23. Plus, Croats are mostly Catlicks surrounded by seas of Protestants and goat worshippers. Never mind all this nonsensical talk of kilts, someone go get themselves a manskirt. Certain prints, if worn with a nice collared shirt, are quite dressy. There used to be a Samoan CSM in my brigade who would wear a traditional American Samoa lavalava, collared shirt, and Samoan equivalent of a lei. He looked damn good. Hell, I rock a lavalava at every party I go to.

  24. where do you holster your claw-hammer when you’re wearing a lavalava ?

  25. Why you tie it on with your phallus or ball hair, whichever will do the trick.

  26. Clawhammers are for pussies. Real kane use a large volcanic stone to hammer things in.

  27. Or I decide to off myself.

    (Kin-Folk: This is an inside joke amongst my workmates—How would you commit suicide with only a claw hammer?)

    jake, i’d probably just wrap the strings around my neck.

  28. Jake, we prefer if you commit suicide with the claw hammer, as if you used a gun is makes for bad statistics for us. (Damn, I think textbook just got his new non-poker nickname.)

    Please note the new logo in the far top right of the header, care of Matt Brozovich. You may also recognize him the the one who started the second best off topic tangent we’ve ever had. I’ll be playing with how to place it better, but this theme is sometimes hard to work with for customizing.

  29. Words on logo are too small!

    I wonder if guys in kilts are ever violated by evil women practicing the art of upskirting.

  30. Kilts are for European men 🙂

  31. A thought…maybe you could put other relevent or humorous pictures in the header. You could even change them periodocally. Yes Dear?

  32. Jenn, gift horse, mouth. Or is it jealousy that yours is not the only slogan up topside anymore? 😉

    I remember talking to an ex-pat living in Scotland telling of the time he was at a wedding where most of the men wore kilts. Some of the lady guests brought in a mechanics dolly (the thing they use to lay on their back and slide under cars to work on them.) The ladies then proceeded to take turns using it for upskirting.

  33. I agree with Jenn; the words are too small. I’ll try and whip something up that better matches the theme.

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