Loss of redundancy…

OK, as you can see from the category I have been drinking. I have declared a sev-2, loss of redundancy as I can not control the vision in my left eye, and have to have it covered.

Back in my Storage Networks days, we had a failover (planned – test) to NYC. We conned our boss into paying for an extra night hotel in NYC letting us go out and party big time. Many evil and wonderful things happened that night, some of which I will not discuss now. I will state that I personally watched Billiam score 7 phone numbers from hot broads, Edo hit on a girl while her date was in the head, and I personally called my boss at the time to declare a SEV 2, loss of redundancy whilst too drunk to see properly. This was at 3:30 in the AM. He got a kick out if it. His wife did not.

Tonight started with Cate’s B-day party. btw – Happy Birthday Cate!!! My god-child, niece, and spawn of kin yah bruthah’s loin hardn her third birfday party today. I was fine, til kin yah made me a couple/three margaritas.

On the way home, Kin-girl sensed my extreme reluctance to accompany her to an 80’s themed second generation invite (friend of a friend) halloween party. She graced me to stay at home, and continue the margaritas at home. Ahhhh G-d bless her.

She decked out complete valley girl, I hung out getting sauced and watching tivo with Sly, dog, companion, and pussy-hound. (He loves the ladies, and is not shy about sniffing it)

So, now to share a few thoughts:

I had to have my ipod replaced, the hard drive on mine blew. Good timing, I had 9 days left on the warranty. I felt bed for the “Genius” at the Genius bar. You could see in his heart he loved Mac, he jacked off to every new G5 that came out, knew OS X inside and out, and his life, his dream job has been reduced to filling out forms and swapping out ipods on windows that blew up. This is a guy who would give his life to blow Steve Jobs, and here he is troubleshooting PC based issues. Poor bastard.

I am pissed at da kine. Not for him having more links than me – he has a subject specific blog, I have a whatever you would call it. He has tons of links from Nats based blogs. I have links from Jake, Broz and Brandon. As far as links go, I win. Whatever technorati says, I look at quality, not quantity. I am pissed at him because he is staying in the army. OK, not so much as he is staying in the army, which he loves, but because he is not coming home, living near by. That irks me. I want my brother home, he is choosing a different path. Which is good for him, but I hate it.

Now on to entertainment. Ghost whisperer is an awful show. The concept that people buy into the fact that “earthbound spirits” are here and JLH (Jennifer Love Hewitt) can talk to them so quickly is ludicris. The show should be called JLH’s cleavage. That’s why I watch it, though I alway find myself almost tearing up by the end. And no I don’t have any unresolved daddy dying issues.

Finally – there are three water/alien based shows tnat came out this tv season. I don’t know why I keep watching them, they all suck. First is Threshold, which while it does have an awesome cast, the whole sound tranforms DNA is so silly it is laughable. Next is Invasion, which while not a stellar cast, shows hot teens in bikinis. The background of the everglades just looks shitty. The sherrif is baddass, but not much good beyond that. The whole “survivor”/captured/body snatcher motife is again, just silly. Lastly is Surface. I like it is not alien based, and it again shows supposed teens in bikinis. However, a supposed 16 year old with an obvious boob job just disturbs me (the sisters friend that hit on the teen who’s dog was eaten.) While I can by into the undiscovered large sea mammal, the whole instant healing/regeneration cross species so good it can survive a lava stream. So sad. Really, I have not found any new shows that have impressed me much.

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  1. turn the tele off and take the dog for a LONG walk, it’ll make you feel good 🙂 Works for me ;-))

  2. c’mon, post about how you danced like a sally last night! do it!

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