like one of those lazy “thinking about”columns from barnicle, shaughnessey, etc.

1) harriet miers withdrew. i didn’t even know she was catholic. or had a penis.

2) is it time for the senior circuit to retire ? swept two years in a row. embarassing. proves that you can never have enough pitching, but you need to hit every once in a while too.

3) if you were afraid that someone might show up at your doorstep and attack you, i’d recommend applying for your concealed carry permit. especially if you are in a state that doesn’t frown on a woman defending herself. a gun can be a great equalizer and if it comes down to them or you, we’d really like it to be them.

4) sheryl swoopes, reigning wnba mvp is a lesbian. are you as shocked as i am ? that there is still a wnba.

5) if and when i win the lottery, we’re definitely having a reunion. somewhere warm maybe, but i’m flying you all in. by all i mean consistent contributors. not everyone on the internets.

6) with the condi photo-shop eyes thing. why is no one crying racism against the usa today ? i seem to remember the charge when OJ got darkened up a little on the cover of time (or newsweek). villifying black folk = racism. right ?

7) every post should be filed under “shay is a penis”.

8) you can’t cuss nearly as much when you got kids. my usage of douche bag has declined by 75% in the last few months. forget about @#$% or #$%&*(#%&*. hoofah.

9) jimmy kimmel will be developing talent for adam carolla’s show when adam takes over for howard stern on several stations. don’t you think that he should concentrate on developing talent for his own show ? if his show was a rag and i was out of toilet paper, i wouldn’t wipe with it. i’d be afraid of the stink it would leave on my ass.

~ by kinshay on 2005-10-27.

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  1. I hope Adam’s talk show isn’t as bad as the one he has on Comedy Central now. It’s horribly unfunny and boring, and I have liked him on the other things he’s done (Love Line, Man Show, etc). I think he’s more of a color guy than someone who can carry a show, but maybe his radio show will be different.

  2. re: 1) Janice Rogers Brown! Janice Rogers Brown! Janice Rogers Brown!

    re: 3) For home defense I suggest a shotgun over handgun, easier to get, easier to learn, less expensive, and that badass ratchet will clear most intruders without the need for firing.

    re: 5) We average ~ 100 hits a day. I have no idea who reads us all the time, I can count up about 10 people I know.

    re: 6) Not for Uncle Tom

    re: 8) Verified, I got chastised yesterday for swearing at FitzCorcoran Manor South

  3. BTW, while the search keyphrases are a hoot in the link above, pay no mind to the referrers section. The page reads and analyzes the apache web server log, so scummy link whores throw a fake referrer to try and get you to click on the link to thier site. They also don’t count as visitors.

    We are not getting linked to by a bunch of porn sites. sadly.

  4. when i have kids, i am so letting them swear. and, since i’m going to raise them bilingual, that means double the swears.

    i can’t wait until the day i hear my future spawn say fuck. for real. i hope it’s in front of my mother.

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