Condi on ’08?

I really wanted Condi Rice to run for president in 2008 for several reasons. Courtney and I spoke about it at length and she, a socialist in my opinion, said she would not only vote for Condi, but campaign for her. Unfortunately, folks, I can’t support her any more…she’s a damn Goa’uld!

Yeah, she’s cute as all hell, smarter than any of us, and all that, but she is part of a group of galactic overlords who subjugated, and demanded worship from, the human race. Is that who we want to serve as the most powerful leader in the free world? What would Teal’c say?

Wait a minute. My bad. It turns out there was a bit of retouching done to a photo, and Condi isn’t a System Lord bent on enslaving the Tauri. I still got my eye on you, Dr. Rice…

~ by kinshay on 2005-10-26.

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  1. Dude. I was right there with you!

    (Except for the good stuff you said about her. She’s a spineless sycophant.)

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