And The Award Goes To…

The fall season is now in full swing, I have settled in comfortably with my twin-TiVo setup. This allows me to catch much more than I thought I would.

Da Kine and I were having a discussion about some of the new shows, and more importantly, how bad the acting is. So I submit to you your vote for the worst new actress.

The nominees are:

Jennifer Finnigan (Close to Home) She was ok on Crossing Jordan, was great as Marnee on Committed, and absolutely sucks on Close to Home. This show and the weay she portays her character are the epitome of suckage. If I needed an example of what I meant when I wrote Acting and Suspension of Disbelief this is what I would say to watch.

Stockard Channing (Out of Practice) This is a real dissapointment to me. Yes, I watch the left wing, and yes she played it great on there. I think she should stick to drama. She is really funny in a drama, but she plays a sitcom likes a freakin cliche. Horrible stuff, very dissapointing.

Rachel Nichols (Alias) I don’t feel that strongly about this one, but Da Kine really did. To me she is normal blah, hot to look at, not a great actress, nothinh horrible. But I guess against the quality of the show she is on now, it was too much for da kine.

Feel free to vote for one of the above, or anyone else who has let you down this year.

ps – no links because I know you’re all using da kine’s favorite IMDB plugin for firefox

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  1. Look who decides to come to their own website! Obviously, I have to vote for Rachel Nichols because, despite the fact that she is cute as hell, she is horrible. Can I vote for the same person I nominated?

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