Stupid Question, Part 2

Did anyone else know that Survivor is still on the air, or is it well known and my brain damage is acting up? I think I must have know it, but it didn’t really hit me that it isn’t reruns or anything when I saw this article on MSNBC.

Sorta likewise for the Simpsons. I saw an ad for their new Treehouse of Terror while I was watching an NFL game on Fox last week whilst on duty. Hell, I just looked it up and King of the Hill is still on, going into its tenth season.

I think maybe Tivo is the reason I (but not I alone) don’t know what’s on unless I read about it on the internets or hear about something from friends. I haven’t watch a commercial at homse in forevah.

What do those poor TV execs have to do to drum up support for new shows? I don’t know about pushing stuff to new consumers, since I never studied advertising or anything. As a choosy consumer, though, I can say the HBO/FX/SciFi model of putting out middling-budgetted shows on for a short season and airing them 4-5 times per week is one way to go to keep people. Hell, if I can’t catch something the first time it’s on, I say screw it, as I’m not about to wait for reruns.

~ by kinshay on 2005-10-23.

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  1. The HBO FX model is way cool, casue they take the time to write good shows. End of story.

    My favorite new game this year is figuring out which shows have been cancelled and I forgot about, then seeing the actors from those shows starring on new shows. Examples would be Peter Wolf on Commander in Chief and Rachel Nichols on Alias (no more The Inside, too bad, Jane was on it) and the leads from Medical Investigation going to Out of Practise and CSI NY.

  2. The Inside was the worst show in the history of Christendom, closely followed by Wanted. I think Beecher was on both of them. Courtney’s great line concerning The Inside (if you’ve seen the episode, you’ll get it): “Peter Coyote really cares about saving every American life, unless you’re a hooker – then you can go die because your life is worthless”.

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