Silly Question

This is probably a silly question, but if you send a nicely-worded correction to a very popular web columnist about 20 minutes after they publish their article, should they respond to your e-mail with a wee “thanks” or something?

What about if it is the second time you’ve corrected their silly military mistakes via a DOD computer, and both times their article has quickly reflected the correction? Do you then get a note? I don’t know the etiquette, so I’m just axing.

~ by kinshay on 2005-10-20.

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  1. Nope. I’m pretty sure you have to be content with the fact that you are having an impact.
    Now, if you were to start bulking up your missives into full blown “letters to the editor”, you might catch their attention enough to get one published or something…
    But, yeah, I’ve never seena note of thanks for corrections in any big media publications — only blogs. Besides, as much as the cause and effect seems undeniable to you, I doubt you’re the only one to send something in for any particular mistake.

  2. Anybody who is misinformed on Full Metal Jacket is a pinko communist and doesn’t have the mental capacity to thank you.

    “Tough break for Handjob…”

  3. I wouldn’t expect a shoutout in the correction itself from MSM, I would expect an email reply saying thanks…

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