As I stated in comments, I was bored with the theme (actually the original red white and blue was horribly broken in IE, and I couldn’t be bothered chasing the shit down.) We went to elegant white, which was called boring. Then we went to excel/checkbook colors, which was called easter pastels. I decided to go hard-core with the new K2 beta.

I’m loving it. The live comments and live search kick ass. I dig on the layout, and how they coded the different sidebars for different pages. Being in Beta still, there are some issue, like the Archives page not rendering (WP doesn’t parse php code in an entry.) I am sticking with the Vada css now in honor of the Boston Museum of Science new Star Wars exhibit. Also, since it is Beta, I expect I’ll be upgrading often as new releases come out, and since I had to make some code changes (like having readable recent comments, etc.) it may not be worth my time to keep up those changes. Once it goes stable, I’ll work on customizing the style sheet.

Hope you enjoy it.

~ by kinshay on 2005-09-30.

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  1. This is really cool. In the RSS Comment feed it now says “Comment on 5 Years by: da kine” whereas before it would just say “da kine” and often it wasn’t obvious what post someone was commenting on.

    I am having a problem with the dark grey text on the website though, can barely read the large font and the small font is almost invisible.

  2. Yeah, I definitely dig the features in K2. Maybe this will finally be my impetus to change my site some.

  3. Test: What are the numbers about?

  4. Ah, AJAX goofiness: The numbers don’t increment until page refresh…

  5. I second Jenn’s comment regahdin the text color. Small text white mickeyficky!

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