Shay, Why Have You Been So Distant?


I have been so intent on work the past two weeks it is painful.

We recently got a shiny new EMC array, I was in charge of the plan to “flip” to it. The last two weeks all I could think about was this plan., Since there was no code release, I was in charge of it completely. We had engineering to do some database stuff, but outside of that it was all on me. Well… not all on me. Ghost Dog, beloved leader, perpetual bos, built the whole EMC solution. But the Production flip, the core of our business, was on me.

Ghost Dog worked extreme hours and pulled through flawlessly. My release plan, prep and performance was quasi-flawless. Most timers we waste an hour or two of downtime chasing bullshit that makes the whole system not work. With my plan, Production was brought up seamlessly. Thats not to say it was perfect, I threw a quasi- in there for a reason. We (really I) missed two things, both not affecting Production, just testing and side stuff.

This was the first time we had done a flip without chasing bullshit down. I am extremely proud of the work we did. The best part is the plan is the basis for all future plan. Lessons learned will be incorporated.

It did come at a cost thoug. I was so friggin wound up yesterday I essentailly asked Brianna to talk to me. I explained I was extremely tense about work and had to explain what pressure, tension, hard core, and stressful was to her. I said, Shay is “grumpy, he loves you very much, you have done nothing wrong, but jesus fucking christ don’t talk to me.”

During the week someone started asking me about a topic other than the flip of which I am the the specialist. Ghost Dog later described it as he could “see my brain thrashing, like a hard drive trying to do too many read/writes at the same time.”

The “Flip”: went flawlessly, I am very happy with the outcome and will hopefully be able to start reading/commenting again now.

Also, turns out B3 did not explode his kidney, the surgery he had was minor, and I hope to see him in the office soon. Go Three!

*In an effort to finally relax post-flip, I have imbibed 1 shot of Jack Daniels Tennesee Whiskey and something like 5 liters of Coors Light. Fucking BJ’s.

~ by kinshay on 2005-09-11.

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  1. wings…when?

  2. Take the damned boy out for some wings, would ya?

  3. Phrases I wish I did not know the meaning of (courtesy of, with mad props to the corrupting mind of joedayuz), updated 9/13/05:

    – “burn the starfish”
    – “leather cheerio”
    – “sting ring”
    – “womb broom” (an oldie but goodie from some guy named Matt)

  4. Don’t be fooled. We could do much worse.

  5. much!! down sean down !!

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