The worst part of being a 128 warrior is before I even get on the highway. I have a full six traffic lights (in less than 1/2 a mile) between my office and 128. The ramp to get on to 128 is awful. North and South in front of the burlington mall fight from 2 south and 1 north lane on a semi-one two-ish lane onto an access sideway (not even an access road) where those already on want to go right lane to 3 north, and those gettiog on (me) want to go left lane to get on to 128. It is ugly. I can finish a cigarette before I go the 1/2 mile and get on 128. The scenario puts you in a combative road rage set of mind.

When you pull out of my office park, there are three real lanes. Far right sets you east getting on 128 at exit 33, past tyhe leighy clinic. Far left means you turn left to half square the burlington mall back to route 128. That’s me. Center lane is for go straight to Starbucks or D’angelos. I’m leaving early on Friday to get ready for the flip (see previous post) around 3pm. Some douche-bag in a white lincoln gets on the middle lane, and I can feel him thinking he is going to cut me off and turn left. I watch the light, see it green and floor it. Now I don’t have the turbo jetta as Da Kine is in town and I lent it to him, but Kin-Girl’s tauras easily handloes the task of putting this douchie in his place. Youn ain’t smoking me, I don’t roll like that.

Get up to the first of six lights I am going to face. White Lincoln is along sid eme. Fuck it, check this bitch out. What the….

Fucking sean “hammer” is in the white Lincoln. he, having been smoked on the line, is staring staight forward, has no idea I am next to him. Being a nice 65 degree day, I have the windows open so I start yelling “pussy” til he looks over. We commence a friendly 2 minute conversastion until the liight turns green and we go our seperate ways.

What an odd situation. I would love sean’s perspective on the whole thing. It speaks volumes in road rage, the whole dynamic of one person’s perspective on a given situation where the “offending” party may have no idea what you think, and hoiw quickly that perception can change given a familiar and friendly aspect (ie- I know him, he’s not a prick)

~ by kinshay on 2005-09-11.

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  1. yes- truly amazing. Not only is it 2 lanes to turn left but this jacka$$ in a Taurus that looks like salvage from New Orleans starts jawing at me like he needs directions. What kind of a mudhornet tries to cut you off and then ask for the time/directions to a methadone clinic/fill in white trash destination here. Then I realize that Layne Stayley’s legacy lives in in chin fashion but that it is my old buddy Shamus. I guess he was all pumped over the homecoming or the fact that he totally smoked my 98 Ford Explorer ( i gave up the lincoln over 5 years ago). Me – I was just trying to get to Newbury Comics for some new cd’s and Supercuts for my bi-weekly trim with a #2. Man, you leave work early and you never know who you will see. I am glad there was no gunplay or empty beverage containers available because it may have gotten ugly. Maybe Bang Circus can pen an opus to this meeting called something like ” Holy Shiite there is a white Muslim in the car next to me sans turban” or “Please God do not let that guy get ahead of me at the Wendy’s drive through”. I write this to you all from the beautiful city of Chicago after a wonderful night at the Wurst party of the year- Oktoberfest. Prosit to all and to all a hangover free morning.

  2. my 98 Ford Explorer

    Point of order sir, if you were in an explorer, there is no way in I could be alongside you in a taurus and hold a conversation being 4 feet lower than you. I would not have bneen able to see you at all.

    Your ass got smoked in a lincoln. Don’t know if it was your lincoln, your pappy’s, your college room-mates’ or your pimp’s, but it was for sure a white lincoln.

    “Please God do not let that guy get ahead of me at the Wendy’s drive through”

    I was wondering why you were turning right at that light.

  3. Dear Lord, I really need to spellcheck for typos when doing “Drunken Posting.” It’s quite disgraceful.

  4. It’s more fun with the typos!

    Holy crap, did this place get infected by a nasty green fungus?

  5. point of order. i think the sun was in your eyes or the wind was blowing your chin pubes in your face because sir, it is truly an Explorer. Maybe the deafening tones of my kickin’ audio system confused you like urban military weapon.

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