Two Items of Note

First, I want to give a shout-out to my man B3. He is an OPS co-worker who does data analytics. He, Ghost Dog and two VP’s went mountain biking last night. B3 apparently had street tires on, not having time to change them out. He went over, his guts eating the handlebar. He hit so hard, that the current thinking is they are going to remove his kidney as he had shattered it. That’s fucking hard-core, hitting your front side so hard it shatters parts in the back.

I hope he has a quick recovery, we’re thinking of you 3.

Second – The triumphant return of Da Kine!

Shane and Wife are en route right now (or shortly) home. They will be arriving tomorrow morning, kinyah is picking them up. They will be staying for around 10 days, and will surely be at Kalin’s big birfday bash on Satdee. Stop on by.

~ by kinshay on 2005-09-08.

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  1. b3 is lucky he didn’t hit his satchel, then we would have to call him b1. get well soon, dude!!

  2. when we doing the wings wit da kine yo? i need to burn the starfish.

  3. when we doing the wings wit da kine yo? i need to feel the leather cheerio burn.

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