All Praise Due

Many props to Kinshay for setting me up with Crucial: the shizznit in memory acquisition. Three years ago or so, I went to get some RAM for my Dell from the PX in order to make my Command and Conquer gaming experience better. Needless to say, that was before Courtney came, when I had too much free time and no Tivo. So I install it, and my computer won’t start up. I called Shay in a panic, he walked me through fixing my chit, and then I was stuck with the same amount of RAM: 256 Megs. Turns out it was the wrong kind of RAM. I forgot about it.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I told Seamus about the 1.2 Gig iBook 4 I got Courtney. She wanted a laptop and worked with Macs in college, so I got her one for shits and giggles. She loves it, but it didn’t run too fast when there were several programs open (especially OpenOffice, which beats the shit out of dropping 3Cs for Microsoft Office). Turns out the 1.2 Gig iBook4 only has 256 Megs of RAM, whilst the newer 1.33 Gig one has a gig (I think). I don’t care, I got hers for $300 less than MSRP all told, along with a bunch of other shit. Don’t axe me how. I can’t disclose my secrets.

I asked Shay how to get this mug to zoom along faster and he pointed me to Crucial. I ran the Crucial scan on the Mac, and it pointed me at a nice chunk of memory that was, oh, 33% of the price that Apple wanted for the same exact memory. Not “33% less”, my friends: 1/3 the frigging price. While I was at Crucial, I said to myself, “Self, why don’t you see what they have for your shitty old Dell? Your shit’s been running slow as hell for years!” I ran the scan on my computer and picked up a gig of memory for meself.

I got them today, installed them with not much difficulty, and now the both of these computers are running like speed freaks jetting around the house looking for their next score. Go Crucial!

(Say no to drugs, kids. The speed comment was no meant to imply that speed is your ticket to fun at parties and the perfect body. It is, but that isn’t what I wanted to imply.)

~ by kinshay on 2005-09-01.

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  1. don’t say coke. and don’t say crack neither, unless you got some.

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