Best Race of the Year

Following up on “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” we (ie, Kin-Girl) has decided it is in our best interest to snag a lil 40 hour tivo. They are on sale til Sept 3 for $100 off, so $99 + $50 (Wireless G Adapter) get me out of the bedroom and into the living room. I can watch shows from either Tivo on either Tivo, cover my two shows on at the same time I want to record issue, and see more of my family. Yes, I was all set for the bittorrent solution, esp since comcast seems to have kicked up my download speed, but more importantly, we can start recording things for Bri. If she likes it, throw it on a DVD. Plus, since I have a tivo already, even though it is lifetime, it only costs me $6.99 per month. Sweet.

I will most surely record NASCAR in the living room, which brings me to the point of this post. If you are the slightest bit interested in auto racing, this weekend in the race to watch. Fuck the Daytona 500, (which should appeal to Jake more than anyone, it’s ALL about aerodynamics in large groups) the night race at Bristol is the Best and Worst of NASCAR. The track is short, less than a mile and is really more of a stadium. It looks like a bullring, high seating all the way around the track. On a single file restart (the initial start is 2×2) the last car is fully half a lap down from the lead car. The banks are high, so while it may be short, it is fast. There will be tons of passing, crashing and tempers flaring. The cars look awesome under the lights. Saturday night on TNT, starting at 7PM EST.

~ by kinshay on 2005-08-25.

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  1. Aren’t you from Boston like the rest of us? You frickin’ redneck.

  2. I only watch IndyCar races. And only when Danica Patrick is driving.
    I could care less about auto racing, but I’d like to see the hot chick win one.

  3. Fuhgeddaboutit. I’d rather see Maria Sharapova play tennis, because then the hot chick doing the winning is on display.

  4. bleep that, where be the “days until michelle wie is legal” countdown !!

    built for speed and power, double shock powah! at that…

    for real yo !!

  5. Yeah, but chicks win at tennis and golf all the time. I’m looking for new ground, here.

  6. heh. lube the chassis. heh.

  7. Hey would one of the brothers Corcoran drop me a line so I can get some email addresses. Kevin (my younger brother) is getting married and I’m sure your invitations are lost in the mail (just kidding), but more importantly his bachelor party is coming up and we need designated drivers (okay kidding again). Email me and I’ll get you the invites. Sept 17th!

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