Which Celeb Is This?

I saw this photo on Drudge:

And formed a couple of opinions before I saw the headline. Which Celeb do you think it is?

I was torn at quick gloance between Carson from Queer Eye, or (influenced by watching Rescue Me) Dennis Leary. I was rather shocked when it said it was…. (I had to triple check and enlarge the photo before I believed it)

Madonna! WTF? Are my eyes that bad or is the photo that bad?

~ by kinshay on 2005-08-21.

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  1. dude – she broke her freakin’ collarbone and ribs, did you expect her to come out of the hospital in a bustier and a plaid newsboy cap? Not everyone can heal as fast as da kine.

  2. I don’t expect anything, I am glad for her she did not wind up Christopher Reeves. I thought it was odd that without make up, covered in a ball cap, et al, I could not distinguish her from any other ultra-thin blond celeb, male or female.

    I hate when people show candid shots of (insert normally extreme beauty ultra-10 celeb here) and say, Look, look how ugly she is without being all done up. Who cares? Give me a $400 dollar and hour makeup artist, and a magazine’s worth of photographers and graphic artist and see how good I look. In real life …

    I thought Madonna looked best in the Ray of Life video, when she was wearing keans and a wife beater, dancing in a club. Most honest look of her I have ever seen.

    As for da kine, methinks the brain damage is still lingering, as he had a floppy diskette (yah know, one of those 3 1/5 inch jobbies used in the 80’s) in his drive and his system couldn’t find ntldr, and he couldn’t figure out why…

  3. lol, you had me at “floppy diskette”

    Madonna needs to eat a sandwich or two, IMHO.

  4. Not Judging, but 40+ years of age with two kids …. should not be that thin. Not natural.

    I say we invite her to wings

  5. f that, leave the c___ @ home… she’s an a-ahole.

  6. Now Yah, what do you really know about her? Other than what’s been reported in the Media? Can we trust the media? I say no, invite the girl out for wings, see what she has to say. Then judge her.

  7. wiiiiiiings….

  8. if she goes to wings, she gets the mornin’ after sting ring and she won’t never eat again.

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