The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

It’s that time again folks, the heat is hopefully leaving, and the new shows will be popping up on Prime time.I’m all excited about it. I may even grab me a spare 40 hour Tivo to make sure I don’t miss anything. Seeing old friends again, catching the new dramas (sitcoms seem to be out this year.) Willow (one time at band camp) is on a new show, some old ones are gone (no fatass) and some newer ones just disappeared (Blind Justice had a dumbass premise but was otherwise a good show, Kin-Girl and I enjoyed Comitted together.)

I noticed that the advertising for the new lienups barely mention established shows, I have no idea of the plot for the first CSI or L&O. However, all the shows they are pushing look really sucky. Dennis Hopper and Ben Bratt in E-Ring? Phhhhhhhhhhht. Close to home? Close to sucking my balls. Surface? Underwater alien type evil? Byte me evil jelly-fish. Some of the new shows aren’t being pushed at all, they’ll probably rock.

To help you decide your tivo recording preference, I took the time and put all the fall lineups on one spreadsheet for you. Yeah, you’ll never admit you love this shit as much as me, but you’ll download it and look anyways. seeing what you’ll skip or record from cable after hours, as USA Networks, Discovery and SciFi are all good enough to play each show multiple times. Enjoy!

~ by kinshay on 2005-08-21.

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  1. There are a couple nights with really hard to take overlaps for me and other nights I might not even turn the damned box on. If only those cable card TiVos were out by now.

    And… I am secure enough in my manhood to say Veronica Mars ain’t half bad.

  2. I saw V Marrs once with da kine’s bride Couhtney. It didn’t make we want to stab my eyes with a pen, so that’s good.

    I was seriously considering a second Tivo, but I can get away easily with bittorrent for now. Kin-Girl only has a couple shows she likes to watch, so it is no big deal. And now that I know about them, I’d rather wait for the cable dual input tivo…

  3. Wasn’t there some discussion of Over There around here recently?

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