sleep, beautiful sleep, interrupted

for the last few days, magzilla has been a little out of sorts. on wednesday, she received two innoculations at her one year doctor visit. she’s had a slight fever off and on and has been waking up two or three times a night, which is very unusual for her.

cut to this morning. maggie woke up at 3:30am, 5:30am, and 6:30am. after the last wake-up, colleen had gone to work, so i brought maggie in with me to try and settle her down. she just didn’t seem comfortable in her skin, rolling around, squirming, fussing and whining.

finally around 7:30am, she stood up on the bed and let a nasty wet fart rip. it was followed up with the sound of a decent amount of baby soft serve straight into the dish. then, she laid down across my chest, looking away from me. i rubbed her back a bit , said ‘there, there, maggie’ and got ready to go and change her diaper. except… she… was… fast… asleep… arrrrrggghhh.

for the next half hour, i lay there, in the stench, with a huge baby across my chest, unable to sleep myself. twenty minutes after i passed out from sheer boredom, my sister-in-law kerry called and woke everyone up (including cate). lucky me!!

by the way, for the record, maggie’s height is in the 95th percentile, weight 75th, and head size 99.9th percentile at 19 inches around. the pediatrician actually measured the mommy and daddy heads to be sure there wasn’t some kind of problem. the normal range for head size in an adult is 19- 22 inches. daddy comes in at 23 inches and mommy at 22. for the next few weeks, i will be referring to my bride as the doctor did: “top normal”

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