The First VODKA Awarded

Our very first VODKA (Virtual Online Da Kine Award) Has been awarded. We were much bemused that it was neither virtual nor online.

Jake received the award in the category of “Most supportive having never met Da Kine” Hell, Jake gets it for being most supportive period. On the thread, Jake made 15 well-wishing comments, on his own blogs he posted about this at least 6 times.

It was with great honor, Jake was presented the first VODKA.

UPDATE – I apologize to the IE users on behalf of Microsoft, who refuses to follow CSS standards. If you had to scroll way down to see the picture, or posts, I have corrected the issue, obviously. And for fooks sake, get Firefox!

~ by kinshay on 2005-08-12.

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  1. Congrats to Jake. I must admit that I’m just a little jealous… I want a VODKA too and I don’t even drink. Will go to great lenghts to win one as God is my witness… And finally- in the absolutely cannot be ignored category-
    Chin gerbil getting kinda scary. Please kill it.

    PS: Happy Belated B-day Rasputin. Lots of Love : )

  2. Congrats to my brothah from anothah mothah. Mahalo nui loa.

  3. Many humble thanks to all, and happy birthdays repeated to the actual siblings in the pic.

  4. Firstly, even though it was a monday, i had to wear my (now deprecated) 70’s style shirt.

    Secondly, Kin-Girl is the coolest, sexiest female ever (go on, ask Jake why)

    Thirdly, Jake, nothing humble about it. We like to recognize excellence and genuine concern. Well deserved and properly first.

    Lastly, I can not keep my eyes open for a flash photo no matter how I try. Damn I look frackin* goofy. At least I am comforted that next time Jake comes back to New England, we will get a pic with ALL the brothers, <blood> KinYahDude, C.O.D., Kin-Shay, Da Kine </blood> <earned>Miracleed, Jake and JoeDaYuz</earned> (Are we a gang yet?, and WTF Jake, you need a nickname!) .

  5. textbook?

  6. No, I can’t be called “Textbook” in a group even tangentially related to the Nerds.

  7. BTW, you’ll be happy to know the VODKA served us well.

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