‘Member Our Resident Anarchist?

Casey has thankfully abondaned the sucky livejournal, and gone with the moderately ok Blogger. (Haikufury is now done with blogger.) Her completely new blog is here – Como luceros fríos.

I had the extreme honor of posting the first comment to her virgin blog.

What I love about Casey’s writings is that no matter how much may I disagree with her, she brings a perspective I very rarely see. A debate with Casey is always that, a good debate. When I read her, I have to think about what I read. I may not come around, but no matter, I am provoked.

Anyway, if you liked her last blog, you’ll love this one more.

FYI – “Como luceros frios” translates to “like cold shooting stars.” Based on a senoir seminar on Lorca

~ by kinshay on 2005-08-12.

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