I think I just got drunk at work. This hasn’t happened since I was 16 and KinYahBrutha took me out for lunch including scorpion bowls. Fun!

(NOTE – This is not work function, I mean on the clock)

~ by kinshay on 2005-08-11.

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  1. Are you sure this is blog-safe? 😉

  2. Given the stories I have heard from the summer outing, yes it is very safe.

    I just told the head of HR that I couldn’t drink anymore if I wanted to get home, he said he had to piss to make room for more Mike’s hard lemonade.

  3. Oh yeah, this is all based on a barbie themed birthday party in office for a 34 year old. Small companies rock.

  4. Possible new blog catch phrase…

    “Corcoran Brothers: Come for the penis refs, stay for the drunken blogging.”

  5. jenn i unfortunately didn’t get to talk with you the other night. are all of your comments – here, in general conversation, or otherwise – as genius as that last one or have you just hit your stride? thank you. now shay, get on this thing and get that catch phrase happening.

  6. Done

  7. shay – I am deeply honored.

    For showing us a most excellent time the other night, we wish to offer you 1 bottle of limited edition, homebrewed mead. Payment will be remitted in December or when % alcohol/volume reaches 10% :-).

    joe – You really missed out. Everything I say is 100% Pure Genius.

    [100% Pure Genius &copy2005 JFO]

  8. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Nothing beats Scottish mead, which more closely resembles whisky than “honey wine”. Tough to find around these parts (the States), but it’ll rock your world.

    *(Editor’s note – long lines with no spaces break the CSS in IE, I cut the original one word mead to it’s basic component. Get firefox.)

  9. I look forward to trying it over the holidays Jenn! Hmmm honey wine.

  10. I do hope you plan on sharing, my darling. You know I LOOOOVE the mead!

  11. You can’t have any, you witch. It’s not kosher.

  12. Neither are you, ya pig. 😉

  13. Evil Shay, I was wondering, since I have this giant ass goatee, per the physics of the original Star Trek series, are you cleanly shaven?

  14. And a full head of hair?

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