Jake and Heather are Coming to Town

Everyone should be aware by now that Jake and Heather are coming to Boston. While they’ve booked up the front end of their visit, I have reserved them for next week. I spoke to Kin Yah, we’re planning (subject to our visitors approval, as Jake is away form email now) a trip to Whiskey’s on Boylston Street Monday night for 10¢ wings and yummy frosty adult beverages. I guessing we’ll hit there around 8:30 or so. Of course, all of you all are invited. So if you can, make it there, it’ll be a blast. (BTW – Jenn, you have to go, no excuses.)

~ by kinshay on 2005-08-02.

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  1. Take care of those kids out there. They’ll be all hoped up on Dunkin Donuts coffee and disoriented.

  2. *looks around to see if other Jenns frequent this website*

    erm, Boylston St. in *Boston*? WTH do you pahk ya cah?

  3. Monday night shouldn’t be too bad for parking on the street, otherwise there is a cheap garage coming from mass ave up boylston right after the bridge, first right. There’s some dead authors club in the basement.

  4. Hey Man, isn’t Monday your Birf-day and Tuesday Kinyahbrutha’s? I’m sending early b-day wishes to you you my friends!!!! Have a tall cold one for me!

  5. Rebel, I fully expect you and Rach to be there Mondee night to give me my spankins in person

  6. ohhh…this is just a plot to get some free b-day beer then? 🙂

    btw, thanks for finally fixing the comment feed.

  7. I did not mention the B-day, there is no plot. In fact, First round is on me!

    And I did not fix the comment feed, methinks certain characters break the validity. We have just had enough new comments that it fixed itself.

  8. Ok, darnit, I’m not going to know anybody but if the first round is free…

    I will be there, with hubby and Massachusetts enviro-hippie Prius. Being a girl, if parallel parking is necessary, I will be 30 mins late. 😛

  9. wings-s-s-s-s-s……

  10. I just talked to Jake, he and Heather are all set to meet us at the Whiskey tonight, providing they can find it. I’m going there straight from work, and will be there around 8pm.

  11. whddabout your half-wife rachel? is she going?

  12. Hey, you weren’t talking about a different “Jenn” were you? Holy crap, that would be embarrassing.

  13. Kin-Girl and KinYahWife will be coming with KinYah, hitting the set round 9.

  14. A great time was had by all. May post more later, too hung over now.

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