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I’ve been a fan of FX for a minute now, on account of The Shield and Rescue Me. FX has gone above and beyond with developing original series, and has a whole slew of new ones coming out in the next few weeks. Among them are promising comedies Starved and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The promos look good on those and I have the Tivo set. Drama is getting no short shrift, though. Over There is a new drama concerning OIF that I peeped on the Tivo this evening. Nip/Tuck has been big for a while now, though I was so confused catching it mid-second-season that I haven’t really had a chance to get into it. Cheers to FX for trying to make shit happen.

Unfortunately, Over There has some issues. All of the discussion on the internets I’ve seen about it deal with whether it is for or against the war in Iraq. God’s honest truth, I couldn’t tell. TV shows don’t need to be plot-driven in order to succeed. Look at any Law and Order series; they have very little plot going for them, but they’re damn fine shows regardless. Likewise, to a lesser extent, CSI. Who had a crush on whom? Which CSI member got in trouble for doing something bad? I can’t remember, because CSI leaves all that serial plotting to LA Law and NYPD Blue. Over There may very well develop a plot, but after one episode, I highly doubt it. I love William Faulkner, but if someone is dumb enough to make a TV series about The Sound and the Fury, they better pitch it to whoever greenlit Over There. I have a script for Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake I want to develop…

But see, as a military person meself, the lack of plot wasn’t the part I disliked most. Oh, no: far from it. Much like Kinshay seeing a movie with lots of guns in it, I start to immediately tick off inconsistencies, mistakes, and silliness whenever I see something dealing with the military. To bring up Law and Order again, any time they have something with the Army in it, Courtney and I have to giggle at how wrong they get everything. But that is one part of one episode on occasion, not the whole series. While watching Over There (with high expectations), I thought I’d start writing down the goofs for shits and giggles. Listen to me, friends. I am going to be completely serious. I came up with glaring mistakes every 5-10 seconds. This isn’t piddling shit, like someone is wearing their rank 1/4″ too low or their boots have the wrong soles. If anything, they were dressed damned fine. No, this was all fundamental stuff that indicates to me that nobody involved in producing this show had any experience with the military of today, or even the military at all. After 5 minutes, with fully 50 mistakes identified, I had to stop noting them because my gimp hand got mad sore. If someone has seen the show, shoot me an e-mail and I can go over some of the more memorable ones. To reiterate: the previous point is not an exaggeration. I saw glaring mistakes every 5-10 seconds.

Despite the load of shite I just dropped on the show, I still have to give props to FX. At least they aren’t dropping all kinds of “reality” bullshit on the public and turning our beloved country dumb in the process. To paraphrase David Cross, Over There is a better watch than World’s Funniest Retards.

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  1. I read a review very similar to this. I was impressed the not only got army, but people coming back from “over there.”

    This really impressed me:

    “I did not like the way the show presents men’s opinion of women — they act like the women were some other species,” said Lt. Connie Woodyard, who returned from Iraq earlier this year. “We’re not cowards. Women in Iraq are doing amazing things.”

    So the men who fought have to defend women to the lefties? Fascinating.

  2. If you have not seen Nip/Tuck you have been missing the best show on TV. It has all the hallmarks of a classic- rich people doing bad things to other good looking rich people. To make it even better, it has enough plot twists to make you lust for the original Soprano’s. This show is so over the top they had a blind woman have the car shew was sitting in get stripped down and she did not notice because she had the stereo on too loud. Not to mention trading a porn star for a Lamborghini. Season 3 coming up in September will make it tough to choose between this and Entourage. Turtle rules!!!

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