Me & Bri & Marvin

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UPDATE – re: da kine’s comment. You have no idea. We stopped for lunch on the way up the day before, and two young fellas complimented me on my womb broom (Thanks again for that one Matt!) You can also see Bri and Kin-Girl getting their air-brushed tattoos. Kin-Girl asked if I was getting as well. I started whipping up sleeves and shirts a la Raineesha Williams, “OK, pow, uh huh” showing off real ink. I state I get to take Bri for her first real tattoo. All the guys in line felt like giant pussies.

Til I proceeded to throw on the pink mesh backpack to go off for a cigarette. Damn kids.

~ by kinshay on 2005-07-27.

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  1. You didn’t used to be a poofter.

  2. yes he did.

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