Why is it

extreme alcohol intake affects you differently horizontally than vertically.

BTW, Edo is home.

I unreasonably and dishonorable got way drunker than Edo on his trip home. He still has my car, as it was way safer he drive home than I. I fear I currently can not lay down as the effects of Red Breast whiskey with Harp backs not only fucks you up, but as bad as you are sitting up, laying down is impossible.

SIDE note: I don’t care how old she is*, Gail O’Grady (aka Donna Abandando) is fucking hot! I happen to be riding this out watching the first episode of Monk.

*10 and 1/2 years older than me

~ by kinshay on 2005-07-24.

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  1. p-u-s-s-y you ain’t got no alibi, you a pussy, hey hey, a pussy!! or do you prefer twunt ?

    btw, kyle and art are going to study sanskrit so they can make out your credit card slips.

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