Internets is Fun

I love me some Family Guy. I especially liked it right before it got cancelled the first time, because that proved I was one of the few people who liked it and it wasn’t infested with bandwagon jumpers (much love, Jake; I’m just squeezin’ shoes).

A few weeks ago, there was an episode where Brian the dog was a contestant on The Bachelor. Stewie, the Griffin family’s evil genius toddler, is busting Brian’s balls (unintentional alliteration there) about the Bachelor chick leading him on then leaving him with blueba…that’s not important. Long story short, here’s a link to listen to the riff.

The funniest, most clever, and easily most daring thing that Family Guy does week in and week out is keep a riff going a good 5-10 times longer than other shows would. For the first 10 second, it is funny. Then it gets slightly uncomfortable for a while, as though it is turning into an SNL skit and outlasting its welcome. Then it gets yulariously funny again and leaves the viewer clutching their sides and crying a little bit, on account of the yumour.

~ by kinshay on 2005-07-23.

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  1. why isn’t this listed under “shay is a penis” ?

    one of my favorites was when they thought brian had knocked up the father-in-laws prize greyhound and when the puppies were born they had the f-in-l’s face. oogie.

  2. “Friends become enemies / enemies become friends?”

    Good times.

    Of course, Chris falling into the Ah-ha video was also amazing.

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