Funny Shit

I found this story linked to over at Fark and thought it was funny:

bq. A secretary at a Long Island marketing company has been charged with stealing one (M) million dollars in small bills from her company.

bq. Nassau County Police say 25-year-old Jamine Alabre of Westbury worked for IPSOS – an international marketing company – that conducts opinion polls and pays people for their surveys.

bq. Police say Alabre was hired in 1999 and was responsible for armored car deliveries of bundles of cash in ones, fives, tens and 20s, that were mailed with surveys.

bq. Police say between December 2003 and this month she allegedly ordered more cash than was needed and kept the extra bills. Police say she spent the more than one (M) million dollars on new cars, mortgage payments and at Atlantic City casinos.

bq. The theft was uncovered by an audit and she was fired.

bq. Police say Alabre is charged with grand larceny and falsifying business records.

Fark teases the story by saying “Woman steals $1,000,000 from her employer ……….. $10 at a time”. For shits and giggles, I Googled her name to see if there was anything else interesting about her. There was exactly one search result, which is about her donating money to a “Walk to D’Feet ALS” (Lou Gehrig Syndrome). Her donation? $10. Classic.

Over at me own site, I have a post that rips on bandwagon jumpers. It is comprehensible to everyone, whether they like baseball (Nationals in particular) or not. I also think it is pretty funny, since I rip on all kinds of people and vent my spleen most fully.

~ by kinshay on 2005-07-22.

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