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Since Hollywood has basically been right shitty lately, I am always on the lookout for flicks to peep, even if just for shits and giggles. I love going to the movies and have had almost no chance to see something worth my time or money since I got back from ye olde war on terror. The past few weeks have been plentiful, then.

First, I went to see War of the Worlds its first week out. In a way I can’t describe, I strangely enjoyed it. I don’t like supporting Tom Cruise in any way – especially since he stole Katie Holmes from heterosexual males for the foreseeable future – but I had to check it out just to see it and make fun of it, if necessary. It was actually pretty damn cool. Sure, there were an assload of plot holes, but the effects were good and his kid wears a Sox hat to piss Tommy Boy’s character off.

Last week, I went to see Fantastic Four with a bunch of people. We went to see it downtown, which gave me a chance to pay $7 to eat macaroni and cheese, but whatev. To quote myself from immediately after the movie: “I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a good movie, but I had fun for the last hour and a half.” The best part was ogling Jessica Alba, who is delicious although unfortunately blonde. Secondly, Massachusetts native and BU alumnus (Go Terriers!) Michael Chiklis plays The Thing. It was funny to watch him call Victor Von Doom “Vic”, because everyone knows he is the only true Vic in entertainment. Regortless, it was fun to watch.

Finally, on Friday I went to see Wedding Crashers with the spouse. The only reason either of us went to see it is because Stephen Hunter, author of the Bob the Nailer books, recommended it highly. I literally laughed aloud more during this flick than I had ever done previously. It is formulaic, juvenile, and silly, but it is frigging yularious. Go check it out.

The title of this post alludes to the fact that any of these three movies would be well worth a visit to the theater for a matinee. In fact, I recommend a course of action I used to undertake after college was out and there were multiple good flicks out: gank a movie. Go to a big movieplex early in the day (like the one in Randolph) and hang out all day watching flicks for the price of one ticket. Nobody will know the difference or notice that you’ve been there for six hours. What, are you scared, Nancy?

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  1. I’m glad that you mentioned the matinee hijack. I did this several times back in der deist with my man A. Diamond from UMass at the Dedham theaters, which were designed primarily for this activity. Best movie hijack: Universal Soldier.

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