from Cooter to Coot

Mahalo, Ben Jones, for all but invoking the name of Jay-sus in trying to steer us away from the remake of “dukes of hazzard”. on the Today show this morning, the former single term congressman from the great state of georgia claimed that the movie is more a “hoochie coochie show” than the subtly innuendoed chunk of innocence he starred in. According to the Coot, wholesomeness and values were what drew in record numbers of yutes to the show.

Ben, two words for you, Secret Sock.

~ by kinshay on 2005-07-15.

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  1. I’m sorry, but the dude still identifies himself as “Cooter”.
    Does he honestly not know the slang?

  2. The show was about fugitives running from the law and a slut in short shorts showing off her Thanksgiving dinner. If that’s what Cooter likens to wholesomeness and values than I need to rethink some things.

  3. man, thems my kind of values!! they needed more guns on that show.

    jake, even when i was a little kid watching on friday nights, i knew that cooter = poon = hey-nanny-nanny.

  4. Riddle me this: Where is Catherine Bach in all of this to share her view? Last I hoid, she became a biologist. Fitting as she helped me get a “grip” on my biology at a young age. Hey-o! Can I get an Amen out there?

  5. amen!

  6. “Hey-nanny-nanny” — God that’s good.

    Yeah, the only gun they ever showed was basically Roscoe’s sidearm, right?
    Guns weren’t cool on TV back then. Even the A-Team couldn’t hit the broad side of Kansas.

  7. What was cool was the goddamn compound bow Luke fired out the window during high speed chases.

  8. With dynamite on the arrow.

    Guns are bad, kids!

  9. But dynamite-laced arrow tips are just good clean fun.

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