Kin-Girl and I were watching a horrible movie the other night, Ladder 49. Bri had woken up and came out about half way through. Kin-Girl thought it was ok for her to see, I was a bit worried about the inevitable questions and (i thought) ensuing nightmares. Of course, how do fires get started? was out, Kin-Girl explained about candles being left unattended, electrical wires going bad, etc. I piped in, and when children lie, it causes a fire.

The look on both their faces was priceless.

Bri has not had any nightmares yet, I am thankful to say. Mayhaps it is because she is so jaded after watching Cops while staying in Dorchester.

This post has been inspired by Mahalo All Around #5

~ by kinshay on 2005-07-07.

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  1. Was it Cops in Dorchester or was it Brianna in Dorchester watching Cops?

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