Muscle Car Redux

This talk about Dukes of Hazzard got me thinking about a post I’ve been pondering. (Full Disclosure: About 5 years ago I purchased the official Dukes of Hazzard TV show Soundtrack.) We all saw the superbowl ad for the new Ford Mustang. I about jit in my pants when I saw it. The front face is what gets me. I hate to use the word, but it is so friggin retro, so classic, so true to it’s roots. They have been out long enough now I have seen quite a few on the highway. The ass end looks a little ganked to me, but once I get around the front, hoofah!

Not to be outdone, Dodge has come back with the Charger. Same type of thing, keeps much truer to the orignal form, more than the name, the style. Dodge went so far as to replace the name of the shells in NASCAR so all the dodges there are now “Chargers.”

Here’s the bit, which one would you go for?

I think the Mustang keeps the form better than the Dodge. Closer to the original, better known, see a lot more of them.

The Charger though, I have always dreamed of having one. Being the Dukes of Hazzard fan that I am, I wanted a charger painted union grey and blue with a giant Don’t Tread on Me flag on the roof. I would then barrel throught Georgia as fast as I could. Call her the General Sherman. Be a lot easier doing that to a new one than rebuilding an old one.

I’m really glad to see this trend back towards muscle cars. I still love my Jetta though.

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  1. I think the Stang does a better job of capturing the look of the first generation, although the Charger is sweet. Nice idea to paint a Charger with the Gadsden flag and call it the General Sherman. Very clever. Where’d you think of that, you bloody genius?

  2. I’m a big fan of the Stang, but the Charger is interesting to me, too. The fact that so many chucklenuts are whining about the extra two doors on the Charger actually makes it more atractive to me. (Besides, you gotta swin gfour doors when you’re cruising with your Grove Street homies lookin’ for some Ballas to cap.) But then, I *really* like the way the Magnum looks going down the road — and it’s a friggin’ wagon!

    A workmate of mine got a Stang, though, and I have to say that the interior is tremendously disappointing. Maybe it’s better if you step up to the GT…?

  3. The General Sherman. Would it shoot fire out of its tail pipe and leave the South in flames as it races triumphantly back up north?

    Dig the retro ‘stang. The front end reminds me of the mid to late 70s Mach 1s. It would be hard to pass on the Charger, though. Both cars make my balls rise.

  4. Charger R/T smokes the ‘Stang in terms of HP until 2007 when the Cobra coupe comes out. Plus more knuckleheads will go for the Mustang since it has the wimpy 6 cylinder option. V8 is the way to go with this- another option is the new GTO. A little less oomph than the others but will be less seen and sounds sweet when you hear it. (Don’t forget the quickly forgotten Marauder that came out last year- (possibly a future classic like the Buick GNT)

  5. Part of me likes the new Dodge stuff in general lately, but for the most part it’s all too “Nascar” for me. I like it, but I would feel out of place owning any of the Dodge machinery.

    My second car in life was a *gulp* Z28, and my dad has always had various types of old cars around. I dig the new Cobra ‘Stang that is coming out, but I have a couple of fundamental problems with the current muscle car revolution.

    1. What is the next design step for a “retro” themed vehicle? For instance.. look at the new PT Cruiser, VW Beetle, etc…

    2. Nothing new in terms of technology seems to be happening with those cars. The Mustang still has a live rear axle for instance.. ewww.

    Of the above cars, I think the GTO is the best one around, it’s just sort of a “sleeper” on the market for whatever reason. The new Corvette Z06 is simply amazing.. I’m very impressed with it.

    It does make me happy that we’ve been getting more and more of the euro and jap tuner vehicles over the years. Especially the 4 door rally inspired cars like the WRX Sti and Mitsu Lancer Evo. The Infiniti version of the 350Z is also very nice… I find myself liking that car more and more lately.

    *** Disclaimer– I own an older Japanese sports car (76 280Z) and a euro “hot hatch” (03 VW GTI). 🙂

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