I Like Boots

I was reading the NY Post’s Page Six, which is where I get all of my celebrity gossip. Yes, I have a source for celebrity gossip. I still can’t tell the difference between N Sync and the Backstreet Boys, so don’t get on my case about Page Six.

Anyhoots, one of the items was about a Christian group protesting a new video from Jessica Simpson:

A Christian group calling itself “The Resistance” wants Jessica Simpson…to apologize for her “slutty” video of “These Boots are Made for Walking” and re-shoot a clean version. The group objects to Simpson’s racy antics in the vid, especially because her father was a pastor and she’s a Christian role model. “It’s sad to see her whore herself out like this,” declares the group’s, rep “John Conner” (he won’t divulge his real name). “She’s a singing stripper.” The Resistance has also blasted MTV for “celebrating the homosexual agenda.”

After I read that, I wanted to make an informed decision on whether Ms. Simpson has indeed become a “singing stripper” or if “The Resistance” is off base. Here’s the video, and I have to say: she is a beautiful woman. Fine, she’s smokin’ hot. Dang, that girl is finer than frog hair. She is sporting some short shorts (maybe a costume from the new shitty-looking Dukes of Hazzard movie?), shows her stomach, and dances in a bikiki for a bit. Nothing too too racy. Here’s my big issue: I liked the video, but I thought the best part was that Willie Nelson was in it. I kept waiting for Willie to show his face again so my heart could rejoice with abandon. Does that mean that I’m getting old, that I like my man Willie way too much for someone from Boston, or that I’m turning gay? I need to know.

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  1. Jessica is way hot, but she’s a bimbo. That means she’ll always look good, but she’ll be uninteresting after a few minutes because her head is a wind tunnel. Willie Nelson on the other hand is damned interesting. You never know what Willie is going to do next. Is he going to roll some blunts? Is he going to lose another house due to tax evasion? Is he going to sing a song about his momma? You just don’t know. You know what Jessica’s going to do next. She’s going to check her hair in the mirror. I don’t think you’re gay unless you obtained an erection at the appearance of Willie Nelson. If that’s the case, seek therapy.

  2. Yeah, Willie == Uncle Jesse in the new Dukes movie.

    The movie looks mostly like crap, of course, but the car stunts look balls-out. Plus Willie Nelson gets to flirt with Wonder Woman!

  3. i dig the red headed stranger. i just wish he’d stick to doing what he do best – writing and sangin’ songs. maybe act a little, but s*%#, willie, don’t talk unless it’s about one of them topics.

    jessica simpson suffers slightly from man-jaw. that being said, the bod is looking wicked hot, she’s got a great grill, and i like the booty shake and hip flippy thing she’s added to her repetoire. the car washing at the end feels a little derivative (the carl’s jr ad with paris.)

    also, props to willie for lingering a little bit when she smooches him at the end of the vid. i can see a cialis ad in his future.

    the resistance is undoubtedly a spoof ripped off of south park’s “bigger, longer, and uncut”

    blame canada.

  4. Good call on the man-jaw. Girl looks like she could crack lobster shells and walnuts with that thing. In spite of that, she’s still easy on the eyes.

    I think both Carls Jr and Jessica are guilty of stealing the hot chick/car wash things from one of the greatest movies ever made: Cool Hand Luke.

    “Boy, you gotta get right in the head.”

  5. car washing at the end feels a little derivative (the carl’s jr ad with paris.)

    I disagree as we all know the central character in hazzard county is none other than the General Lee. The car wash scene is not a rip-off, it’s her having sex with her cousins’ best friend.

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