I Love the First Amendment

And I think it is for everyone. Two things recently are first amendment related, both found via Ace:

Adopt a Chinese Blogger:

I am really hoping someone contacts me to get adopted. Textdrive kicks ass, and I have room for 6 more domains. My bandwidth use is negligable, so that wouldn’t be an issue. And if you have looked at Haiku Fury lately, you’ll see I have been using it as a sandbox to screw around with. (Wrong nationality, but if a chinese/iranian/oppressed blogger wants to take it over, I am more than willing to set it up with WP, textpattern, whatever they want.)

Spread the Freedom of Speech!

My Social Experiment:

As you all know, I am a 128 Warrior. I posted before about the Anti-Bush bumper stickers and homemade signs I see.

bq. I constantly see bumper stickers on my way to work, as a 128 warrior I have the time and lack of speed to observe my fellow travelers. This being Massachussetts and all, I see far more Democrat stickers than Republican. But the Republican stickers I see are the GWB2004, and Bush&Cheney type. I see few Kerry stickers. I see many “mission nothing accomplished” and “let’s not elect him again” stickers. No one is for Kerry, only against Bush.

Some of them do thier intended task, and raise my blood pressure. (Not the anti-Bush one’s, but the anti-troops ones.) But, being a big believer in the first amendment, I let it go. I neither honk the horn, nor flash lights, yelling my disagreement. I do not let go with hand gestures. I think, that person believes in something so much, they went to the trouble of marking up their car to let everyone no where they stand.

Well, I think I should too. So I am putting in my shiny new NRA Lifetime Member (finally paid it off) decal. I also printed up the bumper sticker on the link to Ace – I heart Gitmo – Lock the Terrorists Up! and hung it in the back of my window.

The experiment part comes in here – will the other freedom loving persons battling 128 return to me the same courtesy I give to them? I was anonymous before, no views on my car. Now they know I am of a different mindset. How long will it take for some one to flip me off?

I don’t worry about that so much, it makes me laugh. I do worry however about parking my still new Jetta and leaving it unattended in a lot. Will it get attacked? Would people around here be so vile and hateful as to try and destroy my message? I don’t park in Cambridge often, so I should be ok. It is still a concern though.

If and when I get a reaction, I’ll let you all know.

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  1. Oooh this one hits so close to home… Many many months ago I got angry enough about the liberal harpies I was seeing on the road with their anti-Bush bumper stickers that I went onto cafepress.com and bought some stickers of my own. You would not believe the compliments I get on my, “Pave France the British Need More Parking” sticker. People also like the one that has a picture of Bush that says, “Saving Your Ass Like It Or Not”. People don’t seem to get the sticker that I have that quotes Bush from the debates and simply says, “You Forgot Poland”… (Apparently everyone forgets Poland). The compliments I get usually come as a beep and a thumbs up or as a wispered “Love your stickers” in a parking lot. I’ve had many people tell me that I’m brave and that they’d never dare put “Proud to Be an Infidel” on their car… I’ve had my car vandalized while at work- someone once smeared lipstick all over my windows and doorhandles and spit on my windshield. That didn’t bug me because I figured that whoever the loser was who was so overcome with anger that they felt compelled to deface my car was someone who would go home and spontaneously combust at the very thought that someone like me actually exists… The only time I was really bothered was the time that someone took a permanent marker and scratched out the faces on my “Right Wing Extremists” sticker… those were the faces of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. You can disagree with my views- you can give me the finger- you can even spit on my car- have at it… but you scratch out John Adams and you die.

  2. By the way- I’ve received more parking lot compliments and thumbs up in Cambridge and Newton than you’d ever believe…

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