Forsake This, Bitch!

I recall seeing this link a while ago: Forsake the Troops. I got all steamed up at first, then realized it was just some douchie looking for attention. The guy wants to be hated, makes him feel whatever… I didn’t even post about it since it would only give him what he wants (3 more hits.)

It did makes it’s way around the right side of the blogosphere, with all the expected response. No reason to post there either.

Til I found this via SondraK. Oh shit thats some good stuff. How can someone who validates his existence by being an asshole not smell the setup? Too much fun.

* NOTE the new category – NSFW: Not Safe for Work. (Rach mighta missed it, and would have seen the “guy with a 7 inch penis growing out of his ass” )

~ by kinshay on 2005-06-13.

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  1. You’ll be happy to know that “forsakethetroops” website was bought off! It’s cool to have people with like-minds and similar interests… keep it up!

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