Lazy Bastid No More

Da Kine has emptied his Tivo and watched all his bootleg DVD’s. He was so bored he talked to Kin-Mom on the phone for over an hour. What’s a gimp to do?

He cancelled his trip home to keep going with his therapy, and it is working very well. But that did not fill enough of his day, so our boy is back at work. Office work, nothing too taxing, and he leaves for his appointments. But it does show promise that once done in the army he’ll be able to hold down a job bagging groceries or making sandwiches for a living. No ditch-digging though.

NOTE – I am still waiting for submissions for categories and nominations for the VODKA’s. Add them in the comments or email me directly.

~ by kinshay on 2005-06-02.

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  1. I’m still figuring out my TiVo-to-go and DVD burner, but I have plans to ship our boy some stuff soonish.

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