Bang Circus – This Saturday

From Stacey Chainz:

bq. I heard you had plans to stay inside Saturday night and read the Missed Connections on Craig’s List. Again. WTF is wrong with you anyways? Is your idea of living on the edge ordering extra mayo with your tuna sandwich? Is it you worthless bastard? I’ve got one word for you: DWARVES. Two more: MIDGET CLOWNS.

bq. Here’s the deal: I’m singing with Bang Circus on Saturday night at O’Briens in Allston. We play at midnight, so you can show up early and raise hell at the bar with the band while we check out Condition Blue and Straight To Video. They want some money at the door, but you can come up with a couple of bucks to get in, right? You’ve been saving tons staying in to watch Dance 360, remember, so it’s time to get out and blow some of that scratch.

bq. Remember: Bang Circus

Sadly, this is the first show I am not going to see. I heard Stacey got a new cock ring and was going to show it off. Someone take pictures. _Especially_ if “Girl with no self-esteem” is there. She always has the best pictures taken of her.

~ by kinshay on 2005-06-02.

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  1. I’ll miss ya, ya bastid.

  2. unreal. i am finally home on a saturday and no one tells me the mighty bang circus are at one of the best dive bars in Boston. Sure the Sox bullpen choked it today but people- we have to keep each other in the loop. Now I will have to download more illegal mps/shns to vent my rage.

  3. i wish i could tell you that it was a lousy show, but i was stone sober for this one and had my voice for the whole thing. all harmonious ‘n shit – no screaming.

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