Slippery Slope Anyone?

I was going to comment on his site about Jake’s “Pry it from my cold, dead hands“, and was going to link, and tell a lil brutherly story, then I realized I had a full post.

First off, lil story. Kin Yah Brutha was anti-gun. Not rabid, but one of those, “I don’t need a gun, what do you need an AK for, 10 rounds is a plenty” type of folks. No desire to shoot, didn’t get the culture at all. Until one day, when we took him out shooting.

A couple of months later we got for him for his birthday a mannlicher .22. He cried like the wee girl he is. Today he is the most avid shooter in the family, belonging to the Braintree Rifle & Pistol Club, as well as their weekly shooting team. With his .22 he often shoots over 270 out of 300 in slow, timed and rapid fire. Kin Yah with his .22 will outperform and defend better than I with my Sig .45.

I would not say it is an exaggeration to say that shooting brought the brothers together in the first place. We are all ackwardly 3 years apart. Our outdoor interests greatly differ. We never all got along really well until we all went shooting together, leading to talking about other things, politics, etc. Our proudest picture is the one you see up top left. Shooting together is what brought Edo into the fold completely.

While Kin Yah shoots for sport, all my guns are defensive in nature. I have summer guns for no jacket and concealment, and larger guns, better suited for winter, or nighttime (night sites.) When I buy a gun, I spend as much on accessories as the gun itself. Good leather ain’t cheap, but better quality counts. I have no interest in hunting. I have no desire to kill any creature. I sure as hell don’t won’t to kill a person. But I am glad I will be able to defend myself and my family if I had to. Calling the police is always preferable, but they can not be everywhere. And mind you, you don’t have a right to police protection. You can’t sue if they don’t come. Protecting yourself is your own responsibility.

Now for some fun links. Second one is way long, but read all of the first. UPDATE – Another really good site.

What Jake now sees is the slippery slope. Gun owners saw this after watching smokers. It starts with, we just want a non-smoking section of the restaurant. And airplanes, just a few rows where there’s no smoke.

Now you can not stand outside the door of the building under cover, you must be 50 feet away from the entrance. If in 1970-whatever anti-smoking activists said, we want no smoking in any public place, any work place, illegal to smoke in a cigar bar smoking room, do you think the measures would have passed? Same with income tax, which started as 1% on the wealthiest citizens. If FDR said middle class would lose 33% of all their earnings to income tax, would it have been allowed? Once everyone is comfortable, it goes, what’s another lil bit? What’s 1 % more? That’s reasonable.

Slippery Slope ALWAYS starts and goes with what’s reasonable.

It’s like your mortgage. You can’t pay it off in a year, that’s impossible. But, you chip away slowly. At first you barely pay any principal at all. But you grind away year after year, until someday you own the house. That’s how those who wish to disarm you/save you/know what’s best for you view it. Chip away asking for reasonable things, until the only reasonable thing left is to end your “bad” behaviour completely.

So Jake it starts with people misusing knives, so we need to ban some of them. Cause shithead down the way can’t keep his Benchmade in his pocket, you lose yours. Until you register it. And get licensed. Here’s the fun part of that … you get to prove you are morally capable of carrying a knife, and that you have the need for it. Lost your job, no need for that knife now, give it up! Or when the new Edged Weapons Officer has a different standard of need than the old Edged Weapons Officer. Or when you come back to Mass, and your shiny permit is no good. Then it is decided that your old model you got registered and licensed for is still to dangerous, so they confiscate it. How? Well, as a good law abiding citizen, you followed the law and registered it.

Do I really think that’s going to happen? No. That’s what happened to us shooters. ‘Course, I can’t buy a switchblade right now either. They will ban some of your favorites. Ya know … “For the children.”*

I’m hoping by the time Jake and Hezzy get back to Mass, either I have joined up again at Braintree, or Kin Yah extends an invitation to Jake to bring him to the range. Mind you, I am certified as an instructor by the NRA, we could easily give you the basics and let you shoot some cool stuff.

* Much like quotes for the bible, anyone who uses as an arguing point “for the children” loses all respect and I stop listening. (Unless it’s a school bus issue, or peewee football.) I also do not care for law’s named after victims. They are generally ill-conceived, purely emotionally based and unconstitutional.

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  1. I’m nothing if not a pragmatist, so I’ve never been a big fan of anti-gun legislation. Bad guys who want to use guns to do bad things will always be able to get guns. Who are the people who have guns in the UK? The scary-ass motherfuckers, that’s who.

    Also, I know perfectly law abiding citizens who own unregistered firearms, and a part of me is a little proud of ’em for it. And don’t think I (and my blade nut brother-in-law) haven’t pondered if we could get an auto-opener though “friends” in the military.

    The other side of that coin for me, though, are the “cold dead hands” folks. (Yes, I realize I’m treading on dangerous ground here.) Gun nuts freak my shit out in exactly the same way Focus on the Family and Michael Moore freak me out. It’s not because I disagree with what they are saying (though I often do), it’s the way they say it. I know I’m judging here, but it’s my gut reaction.

    I agree with everything you said above. I would no doubt enjoy going shooting with you, and I will do it provided we have time in the schedule. But just the fact that you got so worked up about it you wrote a two page post… Well, that makes my neck hairs tingle.

    I love you Shay, and I always read your rants, because you are one of the best reasoned zealots out here on teh internets, but on these few issues I do view you as a bit of a zealot.

    And really, that’s OK. Zealots may bother me personally, but they are often the motivators for necessary change.

  2. mine from blahstuff…

    i can’t wait until they control the sale of “double cut bastards”. how many stabbings would have occured if the brit citizens were allowed their God given right to defend themselves ?

    i’m gonna start HFfPCAPoaS. Human Families for Protecting Children Against Poo on a Stick. it’s a slippery slope y’all…

  3. This really was supposed to be a quick two link and funny story comment on your site, but I thought, I’ve done only weak posting lately, let ‘er rip.

    I am a bit of a zealot in this. I too cringe at the extremes of “cold dead hands” and guys protesting wearing camo, but that’s embarassment for my side. I suppose slippery slope sounds the same as cold dead hands. (Nice alliteration.) I also cringe when I have to agree with the ACLU. But often times I do.

    I hate when others presume to know what’s best for me, and to try and force me to thier thinking by law. And in some areas, I won’t be swayed. As long as you don’t hit the special buttons (see bible quotes and “for the children” above) I’ll listen nicely, explain my POV and let things lay. As far as gun control – will someone be able to talk me out of my position? I truly doubt it.

    One of the things I love about this site is this right here. Jake and I have differing opinions, express them and everyone enjoys it. You can add if you want, as the brothers do. Or you can just read, as Axeman from Connecticut does, too shy to actually join in. This site is just big enough (we average 100 readers or so a day, I have no idea who outside of 20 people or so) to stay interesting, but small enough and tight knit enough we don’t follow Godwin’s Law.

    I wouldn’t want it growing much more, we have respect for each other now.

  4. I say kill ’em all and lot God sort ’em out.

    (Whoever ’em may be is up for you to decide).

  5. Where the fuck is Da Kine? 😉

  6. (I’m heavy with the “sailor talk” these days. My apologies to the easily offended.)

    Speaking of which: (OT) Have you guys heard the screaming New England dad?
    [Warning: *Heavy* use of the C-word.]

  7. Coincidentally, Reason has a well-timed feature debate on the gun control issue (which I have yet to read, but shall post here nonetheless).

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