Scum Fun Part 6

Too much? Not enough? I want a response from him after this. Did I sell dumbass American well enough?

bq. Bill,

bq. I believe what you said about the plastics now. I’m no country bumpkin, so I did some checking on you. Have you heard of Google? Now I understand the need for discretion. You can’t just walk into a bank and say, “I’m Bill Paxton!” You’d get mobbed.

bq. I always wondered to you after Titanic. It was a good movie and all, you were pretty ok, but it was nothing to how funny you were in true lies! That was a hoot! Did you get to see Jamie Lee Curtis? Did you really kiss her and feel her up in that seen in the trailer? That must have been awesome. (Unless it’s true about her having a cock and all, then it woulda sucked.) Wasn’t there an alien movie too? What was it called?

bq. So, given your fame, I am more than willing to go through with this. Will I need to travel to Amsterdam? I have never been there, and it looks like fun! Would you meet me there? Do they speak English there? Look at me gushing! I’m too afraid to talk on the phone to you now. Let me think about it some more. I do still want to go forward with this project.

bq. Look forward to hearing from you,

bq. Jarvis

~ by kinshay on 2005-05-27.

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  1. nicely done

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