Scum Fun Part 5

Anyone have ideas on how to proceed? How would you fuck with him?

bq. Hello Jarvis,

bq. Sorry for the slight delay, I’ve been at Surrey all week. I don’t know why you failed to understand what I explained to you. The chemicals supplied are not meant for explosives rather they’re for plastic production. Unless ofcourse you aren’t willing to do this with me, there would be no reason to waste time for such unnecessary details. Why won’t you give me your number to call you or maybe you should call me for further details?? You already have my phone numbers so I believe if were indeed ready to do this with me, you could call and then I would give you more details. Maybe you don’t understand what I told you in my first message? The chemicals have been sold already and the money deposited for me but I need your assistance to do the claiming of fund. We are not selling any fresh chemicals and you will have absolutely nothing to do with the Russians just the finance company in Amsterdam – Holland.

bq. I hope you understand me better? We need to talk on phone to facilitate this transaction.

bq. Bill Paxton

~ by kinshay on 2005-05-26.

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  1. I say you follow Da Kine’s tack and hit him with some Twister fanboy shit.

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