Scum Fun Part 3

bq. Bill Paxton
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Hello Jarvis
Whether we produce the chemicals or not, the Russians or any other country interested in making explosives MUST find a way to get the chemicals but what the chemical I sold to them is somewhat like meltable ash which forms into plastics and that has nothing to do with the explosives. Remember that the so-called explosive chemicals are used for other purposes of welding equipment and so on.

bq. What I’m interested is for you to help stand out as the fund beneficiary and once I transfer the legal papers in your name, the finance company will request that you come forward for your claims. I hope you do not have any hesitation because every document used will be duly endorsed in the British High Court of Justice to protect all necessary rights that you require to claim the deposited fund.

bq. You may reach me on any of my numbers: +44-7040-113588 or +44-7040-112582 and we can discuss other details. I assure you that your compensation for involvement will not be regrettable.

bq. Thanks and I expect to hear from you soonest.

bq. Regards,

bq. Mr. Bill Paxton

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